The Inaugural Post

The hol­i­days are killing me. Seri­ously, stray spores some­how made their way all over me and I’m fast becom­ing a breed­ing haven for MUSHROOMS.

Thank god for the enrol­ment day, which means Semes­ter two is com­menc­ing! =D Funny how you always long for hol­i­days when study­ing and long for classes while hol­i­day­ing. And this is when I know per­fectly well that i’ll be long­ing for the hol­i­days as soon as I start the semes­ter. The Irony.

Thank­fully though, this hol­i­days I had some­thing to keep myself busy on (though not enough to keep the mush­room spores away). The result of which is what you’re look­ing at now. =)

Weee! Wel­come to my blog’s spank­ing new home! xD

Finally, I have my very own domain! About damn time right? Oh, in case you haven’t yet know, this blog is named after my all-time favourite drink. XD And yeap, thats the answer for that mind-boggler I posted as a teaser on

Get your grey matter going!

Camel­lia sinen­sis is the sci­en­tific name for that plant from which we get its leaves to make tea, that said, it’s extract essen­tially means sim­ply, tea. H2O at minus 15 degrees is well, ice. Lac­tose, I admit it sucks but it sym­bol­ises milk. Anddd, sucrose is table sugar! I hear you shout ‘Eng­lish!’ It’s pretty obvi­ous now that you’re here and all but I’d still put it out for ya: mix tea, ice, milk, and sugar you’ll get ..drum­roll please.. teh-C peng.

Wahaha, I hear you cry­ing foul again. I know teh-C peng doesn’t use milk and sugar. Rather, it uses evap­o­rated milk and gula melaka. But bear with me can? The lat­ter are really processed prod­ucts of the for­mer. So tech­ni­cally, no harm sub­sti­tut­ing milk and sugar for the sake of this trivia. =P

its more like tea
I admit this is no teh-C peng, but rather cof­fee. Read why here. I’d say its teh-C panas. =P

Today is day my blog stood on its own legs, its own domain, its own host­ing and its own spank­ing new look!

Of course, not for­get­ting its roots, I would like to thank my buddy back in Kuwait, Stafa, who kindly hosted my blog all these years with­out ask­ing any­thing in return. With­out your gen­eros­ity I wouldn’t be blog­ging at all today. =D So here’s a big heart­felt thank you to you man!

Rock it
I love these ear­phones, they effec­tively sep­a­rate you from the bustling real­ity of life to savour humanity’s best cre­ation — music.

So what’s exactly new on

  • We’ll begin with the most obvi­ous — the new table-top themed look!
  • Ajax com­ment­ing and com­ment edit­ing capability
  • Now com­ments you sub­mit will appear instantly with­out the need to reload the page.
    And best of all, you’ll get to edit not only your com­ments, but also your ‘name’ and ‘URL’ field for errors. (try it out below!) =P
  • New 500px wide pic­tures. Used to be sized at 450px. They’re now enlarged for your view­ing pleasure. =)
  • (hope­fully) faster load­ing times with my blog now hosted locally (Malaysia)

What is old, then?

  • The author. — No I don’t mean old old, but it’s still the same old me behind the key­board, whether you like it or not. xD
  • Its con­tents — Apart from the revamped About page (you should check it out some­time), every sin­gle bloody post, page and com­ment was trans­ferred over from So yes, this is essen­tially a blog shift. =D

Oh, and if any­thing looks bro­ken or weird, I’ll be glad if you’d notify me. I haven’t been able to test the new lay­out on every sin­gle plat­form, only those that I have access to.

And while I’m at it, a huge shoutout to all of you out there still using IE6. If you can find the words ‘Inter­net Explorer 6′ north of this page, that’s you: Maybe its time for you to con­sider chang­ing your browser to bet­ter ones (seri­ously) or even upgrad­ing your browser to IE7 to fully expe­ri­ence

Um okay, I could go on and on but check out these new pages that will hope­fully com­plete an intro­duc­tion to my new blog. =D
About the site.
In more detail.

That said, welcome!

by shenghan in Internet, Site on 18th March, 2008 at 6pm, Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 06:05 pm GMT +8


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  1. Free said

    O.O So this is what it’s all about. LOL. And I thought there was gonna be a new café in Kuch­ing or some­thing. Haha. Any­way, con­grats on your new domain! :D

  2. Hans L. said

    So this is what it’s all about. Cheeeeeeeeeh.

  3. ember said

    @Free, hahaha, what do you know, i might do that in the future..a chain café for Kuch­ing teh-c pengs! XD btw, thank you! =D

    @Hans L., HEHEHE, sorry it wasn’t a café-opening for you too. =P

  4. wying said

    WOW! awe­some!! *salute*
    like your new house’s deco. XD
    hey, teh c peng is also my favourite k?

  5. ember said

    thank you. =D
    heheh i know, that’s why theres a cup on the top right for every­one. =P

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