The agony


My lower lips are throb­bing with pain now.


This morn­ing four bloody ulcers decided to rear their ugly heads all over my lower lip. Seen above are only three of them bas­tards, the last one is hid­den deep inside.

And the fact that my mom chose to cook our favourite nasi kun­yit with curry today isn’t any help!

hail the yelloww rice

Nasi kun­yit is sim­ply, gluti­nous rice soaked overnight in turmeric juice. Its the turmeric extract that gives that bright yel­low­ish colour. We had these for lunch.

I took a bite before the curry was out, Mmm.

Then, all of our plates were soon flooded with curry over the nasi kunyit.


I looked at my plate, sali­vate a lit­tle, and realised my four warn­ing bea­cons on the lower lip were beep­ing fran­ti­cally. I thought, what the heck. And had my lunch.

Boy, it was gooood! The curry was so good, the throb­bing ulcers were reduced to a numb.

I thought it was gonna be okay after lunch but nooo, the throb­bing pain came back and soon I was talk­ing with my mouth open. I couldn’t even crack a smile with­out shed­ding a tear out of pain. Don’t even think of mak­ing me laugh for today is my no-jokes day.

Now I’m sit­ting here with my lower lip twice the size of its upper sib­ling. Bummer. =|

P/s: Happy birth­day Cat! Sorry couldn’t join you guys for the cel­e­bra­tion. (and no, it wasn’t because of the ulcers, I had some­thing to attend to) XD

by shenghan in General, Life on 21st March, 2008 at 11pm, Friday, March 21st, 2008 11:36 pm GMT +8


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  1. Free said

    Oh how I hate those bug­gers. I have them too now. Two of them. >.<

  2. ember said

    Sucks right? =\

  3. Hans L. said

    Eat first, die later’ is what my doc­tor usu­ally say.

  4. ember said

    Haha! now that’s some­thing you don’t hear a doc say often. =P

  5. wying said

    geez, never knew your lips are that sexy.
    any­way, the ulcers remind me of the time i had them just the day before the spm physics paper. and look­ing at my spm physics result ya know its a sign of good luck. XD take care, dude.


    i could almost feel it when i read abt the throb­bing pain…

    eat­ing curry with 4 ulcers???

    DOUBLE OUCH!!!! =)

    get well soon!…and think of all the kgs you r going to lose?haha

  7. ember said

    wying, wahaha! Now only you know ar? XD

    Lol good luck? If i had those dur­ing my physics result i’d fail for sure. =\

    @Pink Cot­ton, yeah =( it sure isn’t pleasant. =\

    thanks by the way =)

  8. Hans L. said

    Pink Cot­ton: Eat­ing curry is noth­ing. Try eat­ing a banana…

  9. ember said

    Bananas? =\ Damn you guys are sadis­tic. =P

  10. Yoshi said

    never-mind,enjoy your won­der­ful meal 1st then suf­fer the pain later.

  11. ember said

    hehehe the things you’d will­ing to sac­ri­fice for a good meal eh? =P

    by the way is tutavenue,com you blog? can’t seem to com­ment on it. =\

  12. Yoshi said

    yeah its mine
    can’t com­ment like how?
    it needs approval because of spam control.

  13. Hans L. said

    Par­don? Did some­one say ‘sadist’?

    …I’ll get my whip and leather.

  14. ember said

    @yoshi, cool! erm actu­ally I tried again and its work­ing now. heheh =P

    @Hans L.: *runnnns!* =P