Earth Hour 08 — Make that flick

When I first stum­bled upon the Earth Hour idea some time ago, I was, as with count­less other envi­ron­men­tal aware­ness cam­paigns, inspired. The Earth Hour event is one that call for cities, may­ors and towns to flick the switch at 8.00pm for an hour every year.

Earth Hour

It all started in Syd­ney back in 2007. This year around, Earth Hour 2008 is to be prac­tised all over the world in 24 cities after receiv­ing endorse­ment and sup­port inter­na­tion­ally. But when I con­sid­ered about par­tic­i­pat­ing and saw the list of major cities of the world pledg­ing their sup­port, I thought:

Heck, come back and talk to me about this when I own my own 50-storey tower. Aha! With me liv­ing in a pent­house on the 50th floor with a birds-eye view of Kuch­ing, just by the water­front. And a direc­tors office on the 49th floor over­look­ing an army of 5,000 employ­ees work­ing their asses off to make sure my multi-million com­pany rakes in bil­lions of dollars.

Then with a flick of a switch on Earth Hour, I would turn all lights off the façade of my majes­tic sky­scraper, inspir­ing thou­sands of Kuch­ing­nites as they look up the new land­mark in awe. Then they’d all return home and switch their lights off too. THAT’s what I call Earth Hour!

Courtesy of buytaert dot net

Ahem. Its day­time and I’m dreaming.

Of course, I pro­ceeded to click that red ‘X’ on my browser.

But seri­ously, Kuala Lumpur isn’t even listed as one of the par­tic­i­pat­ing cities, what more Kuch­ing? And what more a bloody aver­age two-storey neigh­bour­hood house in the suburbs?

If I were to switch my lights off, I’ll look like a dum­b­ass in the neigh­bour­hood when my house is the only one in the dark. My neigh­bours would be laugh­ing and they’d ask me, “Ei bruther, you for­got to pay your SESCO bill ar?

Clear blu sky omg

Then it struck me. Its not about 50-storey sky­scrap­ers, or being a dum­b­ass, or not pay­ing the bills. Its about the dif­fer­ence one can make.

I thought turn­ing the lights off for an hour in our tiny cosy house wouldn’t make any dif­fer­ence. But I was wrong. Look at Syd­ney, if every­one thought the same way, would there be 2.2million house­holds and 2,100 busi­nesses switch­ing their lights off for an hour, sav­ing 10.2% of juice in a sin­gle hour?

Earth Hour 07 Sydney by Sardionerak

While Kuch­ing or even Kuala Lumpur isn’t par­tic­i­pat­ing, well I can bloody par­tic­i­pate in what­ever small way, now can’t I? Its not about how much energy I can save by a flick of a switch for an hour, rather, Earth Hour is to spread aware­ness of the habit to save elec­tric­ity and the lim­ited resources of Earth.

More often than not, those who pledge to par­tic­i­pate in Earth Hour 2008, also pledge to put their efforts into sav­ing elec­tric­ity when­ever they can. Not only for an hour but for prac­tise in their daily lives.

Kuching Skyline at Night

So don’t bother if the MBKS or DBKU par­tic­i­pate in Earth Hour, just do your part.

Look, even our Wisma LHDN (for­merly Wisma Ting Pek Khi­ing) had their ‘Earth Hour’ a while back when I took that photo above. (If you can’t see the build­ing, it’s because all their lights are off and your mon­i­tor is too dark.) =P

So what do you do?

Easy, join me on 29th March 2008 and be part of a global ini­tia­tive to spread envi­ron­men­tal aware­ness by flick­ing your lights off for 60 min­utes from 8pm / 2000 hours to 9pm / 2100 hours tomorrow!

There’ll be plenty to do dur­ing that one hour. Camp out and watch the stars (haven’t did that in awhile, haven’t you?). Head out for din­ner, cos by the looks of it much of Kuching’s busi­nesses wouldn’t be par­tic­i­pat­ing (no guar­an­tees though, don’t come after me when the lights go off in your favourite Japan­ese restau­rant =P). C’mon I’m sure you could live with­out the lights for awhile.

For me, I’d pro­lly be head­ing out. =P If not, per­haps it’s about damn time to admire the stars.

Earth Hour 2008. Its time to give back to mother nature. Do your part and spread the word!

P/s: Check out huiting’s post on their efforts on Earth Hour 2008. Good inspiration. =)

Edit: There’s an Earth Hour move­ment going on at Myblog­ger­con (a Malaysian Chi­nese blog com­mu­nity). Head on there and read what oth­ers have to say! They’re all in Man­drin though, save for my post. =P

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  1. Yoshi said

    why not the gov­ern­ment juz cut off the power sup­ply for an hour. Alot easier.

  2. huiting said

    yo! thanks for the fea­ture. I edited the post because I for­got to include the link for the video clip we did in sup­port­ing Earth Hour.
    copy paste to ur browser. I have no idea how to cre­ate a link.
    although its ama­turely done but i still liked it

  3. huiting said

    eh i cre­ated a link! sorry bro.…too lit­tle sleep because of all these videos and paper­work…
    glad 2 see u guys in kuch­ing doing your part!
    btw, how 2 see in de dark? lol.

  4. ember said

    @Yoshi, that would be a dis­as­ter, no? ie: no traf­fic lights, no street lights, no power for those crit­i­cal ICU patients in get the pic­ture. =D Much bet­ter for the peo­ple to switch off the lights voluntarily.

    @huiting, no probs! wow, theres even a video. Really impressed by the effort you guys put in. =)

    Yeap, we’re doing our (albeit small) part. =P

    I was think­ing along the lines of camp­ing out to see the stars for a bit xD

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  6. JerryWho said

    hey! thanks for drop­ping by MyBlog­ger­Con. Your Word­Press site isn’t show­ing chi­nese prop­erly, per­haps, you should go remove the UTF8 line out of your config.php


  7. Eunice said

    I love this post, haha you write well! And yes, it’s 8.19pm now.…my fam­ily won’t shut down the elec­tric­ity but I’mma gonna go run on the tread­mill (ohwait, elec­tric­ity!! scrap that — jump rope) in the dark in my room till 9.19pm =)

  8. ember said

    @JerryWho, yes I just realised that it isn’t =( By the way, I searched around about remov­ing that UTF8 line out but it seems there are peo­ple com­plain­ing that other stuff such as the feeds stops work­ing. It is work­ing for you?

    @Eunice, thank you! Haha! My dad sur­pris­ingly agreed to turn the lights off before we went out. =P

  9. JerryWho said

    the feed works on your site.

    word­press 2.3.x doesn’t dis­play chi­nese prop­erly if that line is not removed. if you wanna be safe, just put “//” in front of the line and you will dis­able that code.


    //define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);

    or alter­na­tively, you can try to upgrade your Word­Press instal­la­tion to the lat­est version.

  10. Free said

    I saw this on YouTube while I was at work. Very inspir­ing video indeed. I’m plan­ning to take part as well. Maybe a peti­tion would get the atten­tion of some peo­ple? No? Spread the word! :D

  11. ember said

    @JerryWho, HOLY MACARONI! 2.5 is out?! When you said upgrade i thought, hell ain’t i run­ning the lat­est 2.3.3? Then I thought, unless that delayed 2.5 release is finally out! Weeee!

    Time for bug squash­ing! Thanks for the heads up! =D

    ..and for the tip too! I’d pro­lly upgrade and see if chi­nese works. =)

    @Free, yeah the video really inspires peo­ple! Haha, so you took part also? =P

    Yeah, about spread­ing the word, I thought blog­gers should play a big role in it. But sadly this year, those ‘big label’ blog­gers aren’t blog­ging about it much. =(

    Well thats on to Earth Hour 2009 then. xD

  12. Yoshi said

    so did u off your lights yesterday?

  13. ember said

    @Yoshi, you bet! I went out with my fam­ily and my dad agreed to not switch on the lights before we did the dark my house was, last night. =P

  14. Yoshi said

    Con­grats in tak­ing part~!
    Hope more peo­ple will do the same next year

  15. ember said

    Thanks, Im guess­ing you took part also? =D

  16. Yoshi said

    i slept off really really early
    so the answer is yes

  17. Eunice said

    I feel sad to report that I only ful­filled 45 minutes :P

    haha! but well, as much as I could! next year. Oh ember, I’ve linked you — whether you like it or not! Hahha, no, but I think you’ve got a really great design going on here…so I took the liberty :P

  18. ember said

    @Yoshi, hah! thats bet­ter then, Earth Hour every­day! =P

    @Eunice, bet­ter than noth­ing right? theres always next year! =D

    Cool! I’d cer­tainly wel­come that =) i’ll link you back too. and thanks!

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  20. teoh said

    Lets Stop Global warm­ing together start from now, this is a non profit orga­ni­za­tion web­site . I am the no99 ‚how bout you?

  21. ember said

    Just signed the peti­tion! Thanks for the heads up. =D

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