Sem Two: The week so far.

Soou it’s been a week since semes­ter two started. =D

Jam on the first day

On the first day, there was this rather long line of cars queue­ing up before the cam­pus entrance. Some­thing we’ve never encountered.

If any­thing, it only shows that there are more Swin­bur­nites than ever this semes­ter. I used to be able to nav­i­gate that turn at 50km/h every morn­ing with ease. (always rush­ing to class lar what to do? =\)


Unlike pre­vi­ous semes­ters, this time around Swin­burne decided to strip all of our rights to arrange our own time slots. That deci­sion, of which god knows what it was based on, caused a huge amount of dis­sat­is­fac­tion when the those bloody pre-arranged timeta­bles turned out to include 8-hour straight classes and/or Sat­ur­day classes etc. The nerve, right?

For me, I ended up receiv­ing a timetable vir­tu­ally dif­fer­ent from those of my bud­dies. And that sucked big time.

Crazy timetables

If that wasn’t enough, they had to bloody close down tuto­r­ial time slots left and right. Spark­ing havoc in timetable clashes and with some tuto­r­ial classes filled to the brim and oth­ers hav­ing only two stu­dents in a group.

It was a night­mare for those work­ing at the Stu­dent Admin­is­tra­tion depart­ment, hav­ing to attend to end­less streams of stu­dents seek­ing to amend their timeta­bles rid­den with clashes. Shall I say, serve you guys right?

I of course, took the oppor­tu­nity in the midst of all these amend­ment frenzy and man­aged to rearrange most of my timetable. Big time. =P

EMB lecture
Engi­neer­ing Maths lectures.

And so, there I was, back with the gang. =D

Most of our lec­tur­ers were famil­iar faces. Save for the Eng­lish lan­guage sub­jects though.

Miss Chong at FMB

Much to our delight, we still had our favourite cute lec­turer a.k.a Miss Chong now as our Finite Math tutor. That lec­turer damn funny one ok. And we all sim­ply just love how she explains math in such sim­plic­ity, you’ll have to be a pri­mary school stu­dent to not under­stand. =P

Then there’s this gor­geous new Engi­neer­ing Math tutor we’re hav­ing. By gor­geous, I mean gor­geous. (Sorry no photo lar haha) Seri­ously, there’s this moti­va­tion to actu­ally com­plete tuto­r­ial assign­ments and ask for help and we hon­estly don’t know why. XD

Semester two reflections

Well semes­ter two is get­ting busy and hec­tic already. I know what I said dur­ing the hols but, I could really use a break now.

Sigh. Busy busy busy! =\

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  1. Hans L. said

    Gor­geous? Are her ini­tials A.G.?

  2. happy begin­ning of term…

    a gorg­er­ous lec­turer is a big moti­va­tion to score a Dis­tinc­tion in the sub­ject is it not?


  3. ember said

    @Hans L., Attor­ney Gen­eral? =P No, its more like C.K. =D

    @Pink Cot­ton, thanks!

    You bet! Waha­haha. xD

  4. Eunice said

    LOL pic­ture pic­ture! haha, it looks like that’s the mag­netic force of this post huh? ;)

  5. cdason said

    hey.. next time, why not show a photo of what u mean by ‘gorgeous’..hehehe

    Man­atau I berkenan..kekeke

  6. ember said

    @Eunice, LOL looks like it turned out that way.. =\

    @cdason, haha! i’ll try lor. But no promises lah, last thing I wanna be in is get­ting caught tak­ing a photo of her. Ouch. =P

  7. Haha…By the way, you know TehCPeng, you heard before 3 Lay­ers Teh? Mum says that also from Sarawak or Sabah…

  8. wying said

    gor­geous? you naughty han han. XD

  9. ember said

    @shinichiisfan, yeap. In fact, its what my blog is named after. Here in Kuch­ing, the three-layered teh-C peng is so pop­u­lar peo­ple sim­ply call it teh-C peng. =D

    So yes, I know about it. Heck, every­one in Kuch­ing does. =)

    @wying. hell yeah! phee-witt! xD