Screech and bang

You see, I was at home this after­noon try­ing out that new pair of head­phones my dad got from the PC fair. After I took them off for a rest, I heard this loud screech fol­lowed by a sick­en­ing bang, unmis­tak­ably — a car collision.

I grabbed my digi­cam, rushed out and saw this.

Head on collision

I got a lit­tle busy­body and walked closer to check out what I thought was a minor acci­dent. Until a brown Saga screeched to a stop shortly before the two cars. A guy inside quickly alighted and ran towards that white Per­o­dua Kan­cil and pulled out a lady in her 20s-30s, car­ry­ing her hastily back to his car.

I thought, Holy shit. I couldn’t tell if the lady was uncon­scious, because by the time I reached there, the Saga already sped off en route to the hos­pi­tal. One things for sure though, there were peo­ple hurt, badly.

Curios­ity turned to panic.

I ran over and thought I could offer my help to any­more who was poten­tially hurt. A closer inspec­tion made it obvi­ous that it was a rather seri­ous acci­dent. A head-on col­li­sion, to be more specific.

There was this guy on the phone and a gal wan­der­ing out­side their wrecked Kelisa. Two men were also there to help out. I approached the girl and asked her if she was OK. She had bruises on her fore­head and had this dreamy blur look. She placed a her hand on her fore­head and pointed towards the other car, telling me instead to attend to the occu­pants of the other car who were more badly hurt.

I told her every­thing was OK and they were already on the way to the hos­pi­tal. The other guy who was on the phone walked over and passed his phone to me, telling me that it was the police on the line and that he didn’t really know where that area is. So I gave the emer­gency response oper­a­tor the details of the loca­tion, con­tact details and the num­ber of those seri­ously injured, of which I was informed there were two.

Then the guy made a few other calls while the passer by’s asked about how it all hap­pened. Appar­ently, both vehi­cles were head­ing towards each other when some­how, the dri­ver of the Kelisa ate into the Kancil’s lane, thus result­ing in a head-on collision.

I didn’t stay for long and I didn’t like the idea of being a bystander. I reas­sured the guy and asked if he needed assis­tance, any­thing at all, for I live a short dis­tance from the scene. He, being decent and all, thanked me and said everything’s OK.

So I walked back.

I only took pho­tos after every­thing was set­tled. The injured en route to hos­pi­tal and the tow trucks already doing their thing.

Kelisa wreck

The Kelisa being towed away.

Kancil being towed

Effort made to tow the Kan­cil. They actu­ally restarted the engine and attempted to drive it onto that ramp (in blue)! Of course, that failed when the engine went up in smoke. They had to resort to hook­ing a cable onto the hood and drag it onto the ramp before tow­ing it away.

Totalled kancil

The Kan­cil (whose occu­pants were those two who were badly injured) suf­fered much worse dam­age than the Kelisa.

Accident aftermath

The after­math: Any idea who’s job is it to clean up the debris car col­li­sions make on the road?


by shenghan in Happenings on 7th April, 2008 at 8pm, Monday, April 7th, 2008 08:28 pm GMT +8


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  1. Yoshi said

    so any idea whose in the wrong?
    the kan­cil or the kelisa?

  2. ember said

    As far as I can tell, it was the Kelisa’s driver’s fault. He some­how wan­dered into oncom­ing traf­fic and wham! =\

  3. aiyo…the dam­age is quite bad…

    was the injured lady bleed­ing badly or sth?

    does that mean kelisa is tougher than kancil?heh

  4. ember said

    Erm, couldn’t really tell cos every­thing hap­pened so fast and I was quite a dis­tance from the scene when it all hap­pened. =( I was told she was bleed­ing, how badly I don’t know.

    That was what I thought too, the Kelisa some­how seems tougher. =\

  5. wying said

    see, ask you not to throw banana skin on the road liao.

  6. ember said

    Sigh..I never a knew a frig­gin banana skin could do that much damage. =’(

  7. Angelina said

    this wying and ember…

  8. ember said

    Woi ah ma! How you found my blog? =D