Feature Galore!

I am now the hap­pi­est wannabe web designer in the world. xD

Now I empha­sise that wannabe because in no way am I a full-fledged web designer/developer/coder. I may know a wee bit of Illus­tra­tor and Pho­to­shop and bits of HTML/CSS stuff here and there but that’s noth­ing. Seri­ously, who doesn’t know how to use Pho­to­shop these days?

That said, go easy on me okay?

Any­way, yes I’m bloody delighted cos for the past two weeks, my blog’s new design had been fea­tured on not one, but eight bloody design show­case sites (and count­ing!). That might not seem like a lot to you, cos there are hun­dreds of these sites out there. But it sure as hell seems a lot to me.

Featured on CSSclip

CSS­clip was the first CSS gallery to fea­ture my design on it on the 31st of March.

It means a lot too, when you see some­thing you work so hard for gain recog­ni­tion among the web design community.

Featured on Sharebrain

On that same day, Share­brain show­cased my blog on their web devel­op­ers resource site, under a header which I still think my blog is unwor­thy to be placed on.

A ton of these web­sites exist out there to offer inspi­ra­tion to web design­ers look­ing for well, inspi­ra­tion, for their next project.

Featured on CSSelite

CSSelite, the more pop­u­lar of the lot of CSS gal­leries, fea­tured my blog’s new design on the 3rd of March.

Its that proud feel­ing that when you get fea­tured on these very gal­leries that you used once upon a time for inspi­ra­tion your­self. Seri­ously, I was once a fre­quent lurker of CSS gal­leries eye­ing for inspi­ra­tion when design­ing tehCpeng.net.

Hav­ing the chance to actu­ally inspire oth­ers and give back to the com­mu­nity feels really great. =)

Featured on CSSbased

On 11th of April, a screen­shot of my blog appeared on the front page of the CSS based gallery.

Daily slurp give me a slot on their daily ‘slurp’ gal­leries on the same day.

So did WP Cube, a Word­Press pow­ered design show­case gallery.

Remem­ber those days when you race to get your artwork/essay/calligraphy/photo fea­tured on your school’s year­book? And the joy when they actu­ally make it into the pages? You get the pic­ture. =D

Featured on WP Zoom

As seen on WP Zoom, a Word­Press theme resource community.

W3C Sites, who brings web devel­op­ers that fol­low W3C stan­dards together, had my blog fea­tured under their editor’s picks.

Edit (19÷4÷08): Been also fea­tured on CMSShow­case, and We Love WP!

Being fea­tured on so many sites at once only means one thing, there’ll be scores of web design­ers and devel­op­ers drop­ping by!

..and if any you decide to take a peek at my messy and noobish code,
don’t laugh okay? =\

by shenghan in Internet, Site on 13th April, 2008 at 11pm, Sunday, April 13th, 2008 11:39 pm GMT +8


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  1. Hans L. said

    You are fuck­ing famous! Here, let me be your friend…

    By the way, some­thing seems to be wrong with the pub­lished time. It’s just an hour since you pub­lished this, but the timer said it was eight hours ago.

  2. ember said

    You’ll be sur­prised at how ‘famous’ its going to get.. Stuff like this only gives you that ran­dom drop by hits not loyal readers.

    I didn’t mean to brag but per­haps I just got caught up by being too happy to blog about it.

    Hrrrrmm. Damn. Now that you noticed it. No idea, might be one of Word­Press 2.5’s quirks. =\

  3. Free said

    Wow, con­grat­u­la­tions! That’s awe­some, a pretty impres­sive achieve­ment, my friend. Keep it up! :D

  4. under a header which I still think my blog is unwor­thy to be placed on” .…

    hmmmm.… should i really remind me about this when you make the next ver­sion of your site? :-)

    Just kid­ding … keep up the great work. and your blog is not unwor­thy to be called “best look­ing” .… when you have to look at soooo much shitty designed sites out there like i have to do — then you know what i mean :-) :-) :-)

    all the best,
    thomas | admin sharebrain

  5. Yoshi said


  6. ember said

    @Free, thanks dude. =D

    @thomas, I get what you mean. =) I was just flat­tered that you guys decided to fea­ture my blog. Really. At any rate, thanks a bunch for drop­ping by! =)

    @Yoshi, thank you man. By the way, i’ve added you Mes­sen­ger, haven’t seen you online yet though.

  7. jixing said

    Con­grat­u­la­tions! Recog­ni­tion comes in many forms. It does feel great to have one’s efforts recognised.

  8. Jacky said

    yea budak thumbs up for the site! keep it up!

  9. ember said

    thanks bro.=D

  10. Ah Dom said

    Good Job. I love your blog design too and is a con­stant passer by. Oh.. I miss teh c peng so much.. :(

  11. ember said

    I remem­ber you! =D Thanks for drop­ping by, guess you don’t get teh c peng in NZ eh? Come to Kuch­ing some­time! =D

  12. csspanda said

    hi, we have fea­tured you site in csspanda.com :)

  13. ember said

    thanks a bunch! =D