Yet Another Big Apple Post.

Waaiit! Before you head for that ‘x’ but­ton on your top right, hear me out first! Yes, Big Apple Donuts & Cof­fee has finally landed in Kuch­ing. Yes, this is (yet another) post about Big Apple donuts (in Kuch­ing). Yes, this post is gonna be laden with pic­tures of donuts and peo­ple buy­ing donuts. And yes, I’m gonna use all superla­tives that ever existed to describe how a Big Apple donut taste like.

And no, there’s noth­ing uncom­mon about this post. Hehehe.

Big Apple sign

Seri­ously, every­one in Kuching’s blo­gos­phere has been talk­ing about the new Big Apple Donuts & Cof­fee out­let in The Spring. And I’m not los­ing out! =P

Ever since my first encounter with J.Co donuts last year, I’ve been crav­ing for those heav­enly rings for like ever. I wanted them so bad, I got myself another box of donuts, but this time, in Big Apple’s when I went to KK in Feb­ru­ary.

Now, Big Apple has finally set foot here in Kuch­ing! And bet­ter still, it’s just right across the road from cam­pus. =P Yay! No more squashed donuts in travel bags all the way from KL or KK! What would you call this? Donuts finally within reach! xD

Big Apple in the Spring

So it was after lec­tures this after­noon when my bud­dies and I decided to try out Big Apples since Lao pan has been talk­ing about want­ing to go over for some Big Apples for the past week. The queue was okay so we decided to share two half-dozen boxes.

Big Apples catalog
Ah Wu pos­ing with a cat­a­log, show­ing how small the donuts are when they’re actu­ally big­ger in real life.

What I always liked about the two donut chains is their outlet’s deco. There’s always an abun­dance of glass and how every process of the donut mak­ing is eas­ily vis­i­ble to customers.

The making of Big Apple this sec­tion show­ing vis­i­tors how they apply the donut top­pings. You actu­ally don’t feel the wait despite the rather long queue when you get to look at how your favourite donuts are pre­pared. =D

Big Apple donuts on display

Ah Soon and me lined up while the oth­ers went for a stroll around the mall. Soon, it was our turn and we picked away while sali­vat­ing at those very, very tempt­ing donuts.

Lining up to pay
My box of donuts in queue at the cashier.

We then drove back to Swin­burne in Kee Seng’s Altis when we realised, we had no proper place to eat those donuts. In all its odd­ity, we ended up hav­ing a donut feast on the 1st floor of the car park LOL.

So there we were, six of us, stand­ing out­side the Altis savour­ing every bite, with Kee Seng’s two boot woofers blast­ing to the max. It was sure as hell the most ran­dom way I’ve ever eaten a donut. xD

Big Apple donuts

Of the six in a box, I ate one in the car park and Ah Siat took another one. Leav­ing four which I took home for my family.

The donuts were damn nice all right. Thing is, we Kuch­ing­nites had grown up eat­ing those 20 cents apiece sugar-coated donuts avail­able at road­side kueh stalls. Then sud­denly comes this Big Apple store that doesn’t sell apples but instead sells donuts at ten times the price we’re nor­mally used to pay.

And if you’d ask me, even at 2 bucks a piece, they’re still freakin worth it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — it’s worth every sin­gle penny man. But still, 2 bucks a piece for some­thing that size isn’t all that cheap. Like Ah siat said, Big Apples are eas­ily the most expen­sive donuts he had ever spent on.

That said, hav­ing spent on a half-dozen box of Big Apples, I’m offi­cially broke for the rest of the week. =(

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  1. hahaha nice leh?
    no prob abt blog­ging about big apples again…i just love read­ing abt them n look­ing at them pics..wahaha

    feel like going back again…but aiya the queue still so long

  2. ember said

    you bet! haha.

    LOL. Wit­ness­ing the begin­nings of donut addic­tion eh? =P The queue yes­ter­day was OK, took about 15 min­utes tops until it was our turn to choose.

    That pic­ture of the queue you see above was taken last week. xD Its not that bad now. Think­ing of going there again too..wahahaha!

  3. Hans L. said

    Would’ve been nice to eat if not for the gap­ing hole in my wis­dom tooth.

  4. ember said

    Ouch. You’ll need a den­tist for that. =(

  5. wying said

    i had that one with cheese on top. yum yum. XD

  6. ember said

    ei go also didn’t jeo me lar =D you should try one named Ice­berg, damn nice too

  7. Hans L. said

    Going to the den­tist is like going for a bone surgery! Can you imag­ine hav­ing your femur drilled and filled with arti­fi­cial stuff!? D:

  8. My KL friends actu­ally scoff at the idea of Big Apple. They tell me J.Co is so much bet­ter. But I hon­estly don’t care. Kuch­ing and designer donuts? Whoosh! I’m a fan!

    PS: Gosh I love your com­ment­ing plu­gin. *goes off to your inspi­ra­tion page to find the plu­gin name*

  9. ember said

    Well they say local-born Big Apples is a bla­tant copy of Indone­sian donut chain J.Co’s. And since I tasted both and couldn’t really tell the dif­fer­ence so what the heck right? Might as well sup­port a local brand. =D

    ..and of course, Big Apple is the only one in Kuch­ing so its obvi­ous where the sup­ports goes to. =)

    Hehe, I thought it was nifty too.. Save your­self some time and get it here:

    @Hans. L: Been there, done that. That sting­ing sen­sa­tion sucks man. But that was a long time ago..hrm, that also means a dentist’s visit is long over­due for me too. =\

  10. Eunice said

    ahh imma try mak­ing these donuts soon, one day!

    looks yum­m­me­hhh! but oh right, i just remembered.i hate donuts. dunkin donuts & krispy kreme. haha, but your pictures..arr..what makes me think i’ll like these when i didn’t like krispy kreme? as you can see, i am torn. LOL

  11. Baboy said

    Green tea flavoured dough­nuts… Yum! I wish we had Big Apple in Toronto.

  12. ember said

    @Eunice, OMG. A donut hater. Char­rrge! But really, I would’ve thought oth­er­wise. Since you adore bak­ing and cakes. Do try mak­ing them though! =D

    @Baboy, Well i’m sure you’ll have bet­ter dough­nut chains over there at Toronto. =P

  13. Eunice said

    I will. And boy! I’m so glad for you! Get­ting fea­tured and all this, super­star redi! Haha ;)

    oh I got so sick of the donuts, maybe a lil too sickly sweet for me. But I hope BigApple/JCo donuts are way bet­ter! Because I can feel myself about to try em out soon :P haha!

  14. cdason said

    i think big apple is too darn expen­sive bro.. Dunkin Donuts is the way!!

  15. ember said

    @Eunice, thanks! Get­ting fea­tured is one thing, super­star? Light years man, light yeaaars. =(

    The donuts were bloody sweet all­right, might be just too sweet.

    @cdason, well yeah. But we don’t have Dunkin’s over here in Kuch­ing do we? =(

  16. Tucker said copy­cat!!!! X(
    what a shame.

  17. ember said


    Just how much J.Co’s paid you to make that comment? ;-)

  18. Autumn Dusk said

    Tucker is damn right. Just care­fully look at the name, the logo, and the lay­out of the out­let. Pla­gia­rist is not too harsh a word for Big Apple.