The drink — Yours truly version.

The scorch­ing weather in usually-wet-Kuching for the past week sucks. I can’t believe I’m still bloody per­spir­ing under the ceil­ing fan spin­ning on full speed.

And the fact that Cindy (and not Hanis) won in MDG isn’t any help. But um, that’s totally non-relevant.

So any­way, back to the weather-bashing. Not that I could get the heat of the weather off my mind though. Bloody sunny days. Good for the trees, birds, but­ter­flies and flow­ers but so not for me and the rapidly melt­ing ice in my glass of teh-C peng. =(

Well that other day, dur­ing one of those very, very rare trips of mine to the super­mar­ket with my par­ents, I man­aged to get mom to buy a whole bot­tle of syrup off the shelves of Choice Pre­mier. Not just any syrup, but one that could only be used to make one drink — teh-C peng. No points for guess­ing right. =P

Teh C peng syrup

I also man­aged to find the Car­na­tion brand evap­o­rated milk, which is from where the C in ‘teh-C peng’ orig­i­nates. Call me a cave­man but that was really the first time I ever recall see­ing that par­tic­u­lar brand. =\ I really didn’t know the C stood for Car­na­tion. Cave­man, I know.

So it was one of those really hot after­noons when I thought I’d make myself that drink I’ve been so used to order every­time I eat out.


First, I attempted to brew the tea. I could’ve boiled the whole ket­tle of water by plac­ing it under the sun out­side but I did oth­er­wise. Not want­ing to fail my first attempt in mak­ing my own teh-C peng, I used two tea bags for that added oomph. The cup of tea turned so dark I won­dered if I acci­den­tally sub­merged Kopi-o bags into the cup instead.

Adding syrup and milk

Then I made a cup of syrup peng, fol­lowed by another cup of Syrup-C peng.

No seri­ously, I had no idea the pro­por­tions required of each ingre­di­ent. I poured the syrup until it felt like it should be enough, roughly with the help of men­tal images of how three-layer teh-C peng glasses looked like. But when pour­ing in the milk, I got too immersed in mak­ing sure the two ingre­di­ents didn’t mix until, well, you decide if that’s too much milk. =\

Finally add the tea

As for the grand finale, the tea I brewed ear­lier was intro­duced into the con­coc­tion. This part was tricky, I got lazy and for­got all about retain­ing the dis­tinct three-layer effect when I poured the tea in too fast. Thus, mix­ing up much of the milk and tea. As a result, I had to scoop the remain­der of the tea into the cup, spoon by spoon, to make up for the loss.

After a whole hour spent in the kitchen, with amaz­ing pro­duc­tiv­ity, I pro­duced a grand total of .. one glass. And that’s not even includ­ing the time I left the tea (and the teabags) to brew.

Gee, I didn’t know mak­ing a glass of teh-C peng could be this painstaking.

P.S.: Check out my page on the drink here. I added a ref­er­ence to this post under the header on how to make your­self a glass of teh-C peng. =)

P.P.S: Be fore­warned, this post only serves as a very very brief walk­through and is by no means a com­plete guide. Never ever use it as a bench­mark.. unless you like taste­less teh-C pengs. =P Seri­ously man. =(

by shenghan in General on 3rd May, 2008 at 2pm, Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 02:48 pm GMT +8


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  1. ohh­h­h­h­hhh
    so that is how they make 3 layer tcp!

    never knew that they sell gula tcp…wahlau..i learn some­thing new every­day! LOL

    one tcp with extra oomph pls~

  2. Eunice said

    it LOOKS like the real thang!!
    looks like in mak­ing food you gotta fol­low your heart hey? LOL. taste­less meh?

    but it loooketh goood­eth I also wan order. 1 please kurang manis! ;)

  3. ember said

    @pink cot­ton, Never knew until I saw it sit­ting on the shelves too! =P

    @Eunice, looks can be deceiv­ing! Its taste didn’t even remotely resem­ble teh-C pengs I could find outside. =(

  4. wying said

    the gula tcp is actu­ally the gula atap le, isn’t it? just because the 3-layered-tcp become famous then peo­ple change its name so that every­one recog­nises it.

    btw, ah han, don’t drink too much. you might have high poten­tial to be a dia­betes type-1 patient. Your Islets of Langer­hans might not be able to pro­duce enough insulin to change the glu­cose in your body to glyco­gen and to store it in your liver. In that case you might have to go for dila­tion, which will take 3 hours per time. The symp­toms for dia­betes are: fre­quent uri­nat­ing, drink­ing water fre­quently, and also… oh oooops, i’m sorry. Did i tell you i’m hav­ing my semes­ter exam next week? xD

  5. ember said

    Oii, don’t scare away my cus­tomers man. I’m try­ing to make a liv­ing here sell­ing teh-C pengs. Have pity will ya? =(

    Read­ing all that brought me back briefly to SPM days, gawd. How you guys even stand tak­ing bio for another two years? >.< By the way I’ve heard of gula atap being used in 3 layer TCPs. No idea if the syrup is the same thing or not though.

  6. wying said

    ok ok, you let me try then i pro­mote for you mah. i’m a tcp lover too.
    ya know, i can ask you the same ques­tion but it’s about physics. xD and, it’s not just for another 2 years. it might be the rest of my life. haha. =P

  7. ember said

    Wahaha, if you drink my teh-C peng you’ll never touch another cup again I assure you. (hint: pho­bia) xD

    Um, well you got a point there. Haha. Let’s see who gets bored of their majors first then. XD Physics? Ugh. I sur­ren­der. You win. =\

  8. I have this sink­ing feel­ing you’ll get dia­betes from one of those.

    Ember spe­cial teh-c-peng. For UBER sweet tooths.


  9. ember said don’t have to be pick­ing on teh-C peng do you? =( Seri­ously, there are a lot of stuff out there today that will lead you in that direc­tion. But not teh-C peng!

    One day, I’m..I’m gonna run a study to prove that teh-C pengs are indeed a ..must.. for.. health!

    Seri­ously though, hav­ing them once a while doesn’t hurt .. right?. =(

  10. Fubiz said

    Beau­ti­ful template+header!

  11. ember said

    Why thanks!