Of rainbows

The Heav­ens gave a pleas­ant lit­tle sur­prise this after­noon just as the sun broke through the rain clouds after a short downpour.

Rainbow over Simpang Tiga

It was Ms.Chong’s Finite math tuto­r­ial on the 9th floor of cam­pus when the sun rays met what was left of the rain. What bet­ter place to check out a rain­bow right?

The class of course, was dis­rupted while every­one, along with Ms.Chong took leave from the brain fatigue-inducing topic of matri­ces for what Mother Nature had to offer. If you’d ask me, rain­bows are always as pretty as the very first time you see them.

Rainbow close up

Good things never last though. Barely five min­utes later all atten­tion went back to the white­board. I looked back out over at the rapidly dimin­ish­ing inten­sity of the rain­bow and thought of what was to come that afternoon.

I call it, calm before the storm.

Not that after­math of a storm you see on the hori­zon of that pic­ture. But rather, of the Physics test we would be hav­ing in a few hours time.

Calculating physics

Like every storm the face of Earth had endured, it came and go. But the sim­i­lar­i­ties ends here, there were no rainbows.

I flunked Physics. Real bad.

Never before fail­ing Physics felt so real. Some­body tell me how am I gonna go through this semester?

I need more bloody rainbows. =’(

by shenghan in General, Life, Varsity on 8th May, 2008 at 11pm, Thursday, May 8th, 2008 11:34 pm GMT +8


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  1. Alex said

    I’m sit­ting a physics exam on Mon­day over here in Eng­land! I’ll be hop­ing for some rain­bows too, or at the very least a bro­ken leg so I don’t have to sit it!

    Hmm, bet­ter get back to spend­ing my week­end revising… :(

  2. ember said

    Well the rain­bows didn’t help in my case. But yeah, I’d rather do a phys­io­ther­apy test with a bro­ken leg than a Physics test eh?

    Best of luck from this part of the globe! =D

  3. Hans L. said

    Nice rain­bow to fly a Red Fokker biplane through.

  4. ember said

    Weeeeeee! *CRASH* Hey I didn’t know rain­bows have mass! =(

  5. Hans L. said

    Nope, but the pho­tons hit­ting the aero­plane will cause havoc, if said aero­plane is made from the same mate­r­ial as a solar sail, that is.

  6. ember said

    Well if thats the case, said aero­plane would have a hard time fly­ing any time dur­ing the day. OMG vam­pire plane!

  7. Fahriee said

    Some­where, over the rainbow..:D

  8. ember said

    That joy­ous sight of rain­bows, kinda makes you wanna sing. =P