Rock on, mom!

Over­whelm­ing streams of home­work and assign­ments are get­ting the bet­ter part of me but just a quick update and a shout out to my beloved mom:

Moms Birthday Cake close up

Happy Birth­day!

I drove dad right after lec­tures for a quick trip to the bak­ery for a cake and headed back to the hotel, where dad has been hav­ing his week-long course. Mom and sis joined us in the hotel room, where we had a small yet mean­ing­ful celebration.

Moms Birthday Cake

Words can’t express my grat­i­tude to you, mom. Per­haps me squeez­ing the time out of my queue of *five* over­due tuto­ri­als (seri­ously!) to blog this would be a tes­ta­ment to that. HAH! Like that even counts. =P

Family photo

Seri­ously, thanks for every­thing mom. Wish I had the time to say more, but I’d really have to get back to my work. That said, Happy Birth­day to the great­est mom on Earth, this year and for many more to come.

Lots Of Love (LOL),
Your son.

by shenghan in Food, Life on 15th May, 2008 at 12am, Thursday, May 15th, 2008 12:12 am GMT +8


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  1. Happy b’day to your mom (late).

    Cool site you have…

  2. ember said

    Thanks! Glad you liked it. =)

  3. May said

    So sweet lah you, Sheng Han. I wanna have a son like you. LOL.

    Any­way, that week-long course…would it hap­pen to be the PTK thing at Har­bourview Hotel?

  4. ember said

    GASPETH. May as my mother. *shrugs* =P

    Yeah! Your dad wouldn’t hap­pen to be there right?

  5. Eunice said

    awwwwwwww. tho i’ll have to dis­agree­with you on the best mom in the world title lah ;)))))

    happy birth­day momofember!

    ps: you have a unique way of smil­ing. haha!

  6. wying said

    although the cake looks in whole, but i sus­pect at the back there’s already a hole. and it’s in your mouth.
    Happy so-belated birth­day to your mum too. xD
    with LOL.

  7. ember said

    @Eunice, hah! how very sweet of you too. =) lol! I dont call that a smile, its called urm let’s see, the constipated-jaw-clenching-id-burst-out-laughinganytime look. =D

    @wying, ADUI got spot­ted by you pula. =P But psst! lemme let you on a rather dis­ap­point­ing secret, the cake is untouched. xD

    Btw, mum says thanks. =D

  8. May said

    My mum was there. XD XD XD

  9. ember said

    Wow.. talk about timely responses! xD

    I was just ask­ing dad moments ago and con­firmed the pres­ence of a cer­tain Ms. Lau a.k.a May’s mother at the course, with cer­tain affil­i­a­tions with a school at Batu Kawa. =P

  10. Harry said

    Wow Sheng Han, nice blog you have here. Haha. Harry here. Nice one. Keep it up!

  11. ember said

    Har­rry, wasn’t expect­ing you! Why not sit down for a cup of iced milk tea? =P Thank you! haha.

  12. wying said

    eleh, chia ppl drink iced milk tea, didnt chia me wor.
    cheh, berat sebelah.

  13. ember said

    ei I chia you the first time you got here remem­ber? It’s been a prac­tice for to treat first-time vis­i­tors with iced milk tea. =D