One down, another to go.

Gawd. It’s June already.

Research report is done and over with, which leaves the IT 2 web site project and the dreaded finals.

Well I saw your raised eye­brow on that IT 2 web site project thingy. So here’s a scree­nie of what I’ve been work­ing on:

IT2 Screenie Zero

Okay, I’ll just name your reac­tion the inaudi­ble wow.

As you can see, this time we’re work­ing on Sport Util­ity Vehi­cles. Another spur of the moment idea of a topic when we saw two other groups each work­ing on sports cars and another on some­thing along the lines of eco­nom­i­cal cars.

So you see, we really suck at think­ing of top­ics to do.

And no, that is not how our web­site cur­rently looks like. I didn’t leave my blog unat­tended for a week for noth­ing now ey? But the design isn’t quite done yet. That’s the prob­lem with wannabe web design­ers like me. There’s no such thing as com­pleted work.

I find it really hard to lay back and say, “OK, that’s done and lets call it a day.” There seem to be prob­lems in every cor­ner no mat­ter how hard I improve on things. And when that hap­pens, its back to the draw­ing board and the cycle con­tin­ues. Gee, I’ve really got to stop work­ing on the design­ing part and get on with the wordings. =(

On a related note, while doing research on SUVs to be included in our web­site, I saw my lust grew for her.

The Porsche Cayenne. Look at her, all wet and ready.

The Porsche Cayenne

Is it just me, or she is sexy?

by shenghan in Rants on 1st June, 2008 at 11pm, Sunday, June 1st, 2008 11:11 pm GMT +8


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  1. TOO sexy. She’s mine I tell you, MINE.


  2. ember said

    Noooooo! No force on earth may let you take her!


  3. wying said

    =.= sad. so sad. what a hor­ri­ble place swin­burne is to turn my han di di into some­one insane. sigh.

  4. ember said

    Eh, that’s hardly insan­ity. Its only nat­ural for males to defend their turf. =)

  5. Hans L. said


  6. wying said

    so long didn’t blog. i’m sick with that sexy car. lol. very busy? all the best in any­thing ur busy with lol.

  7. ember said

    Inhu­manely busy, man. =(

    @Hans L., was­sup? still suf­fer­ing from the pain from your last jump off the 9th floor? xD