Greetings in the rain.

The rhyth­mic sound of rain­drops hit­ting on the car’s roof were almost hyp­no­tiz­ing. That, and the swing­ing of the mechan­i­cal arms of the wind­shield wipers set to mid-high fre­quency to com­pen­sate for the increas­ing rate of rain­drop splatters.

The sky was gloomy as rain­clouds hung low, show­ing water upon Earth. The heavy mid­day traf­fic lead­ing out of the city meant long waits at major traf­fic intersections.

I have always won­der in amaze­ment at how traf­fic light junc­tions seem to be a dis­play of obe­di­ence, in the oth­er­wise, chaotic roads we know today. Lines upon lines of cars from all four direc­tions at the mercy of a sim­ple set of poles flash­ing three bright colours.

Sens­ing the drop in tem­per­a­ture, I switched off the vehicle’s air-cond. I stared into the dis­tance and found myself look­ing at four lanes of cars wait­ing on the oppo­site side of the traf­fic junc­tion. All of them had their wipers turned on.

It was a sight. A mass of wind­shield wipers swing­ing back and forth, almost in uni­son. From a dis­tance, it looked almost as though every­one is wav­ing at you. I could almost hear them greet­ing, “Hi!”

I cracked a smile as I felt a sud­den warmth in an oth­er­wise chilly and gloomy day. Each and every vehi­cle has dif­fer­ent direc­tions to go, dif­fer­ent places to reach, dif­fer­ent point of ori­gins, it is only coin­ci­dence that led us to con­verge at this very traf­fic junc­tion at the same time. Strangers we all were, but there we all were at the same traf­fic junc­tion, shar­ing a com­mon goal — wait­ing for green light.

It was a dis­play of affec­tion so much lack­ing in society.

It then dawned upon me, as I focused on my car’s own wind­shield wipers — wip­ing back and forth — that my car is wav­ing back at them!

I fol­lowed the swing­ing motion of my car’s wind­shield wipers and thought with a smile, “What could you be say­ing to them?”

It was then when the lights flashed green, and I con­tin­ued my jour­ney back home in the light rain.. my car con­tin­ued to wave at each and every oncom­ing vehicle.


by shenghan in General on 14th July, 2008 at 4pm, Monday, July 14th, 2008 04:55 pm GMT +8


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  1. Fahriee said

    I feel you, dude. *waves* :)

  2. i actu­ally find dri­ving dur­ing rainy days sort of ther­a­peu­tic…
    with the air cond on and nice sooth­ing music :)

    *waves back to your car*

  3. ember said

    @Fahriee, Hey! I’m not alone! =D *waves back*

    @Pink Cot­ton, Yeah, I have to agree. Makes you think a lot. LOL. *waves back too* =P

  4. wying said

    *waves enthu­si­as­ti­cally to the new dude on road* (sheng han’s new baby)
    LOL. nice entry. warm and not like you. you too bor­ing is it? haha.

  5. ember said

    *waves back* Not new lar okay? Almost 2 months already. Every­thing seems new to you every time you meet me. LOL

    Eh, I’m so warm, even the sun is jeal­ous of me! Bwahaha.

    And yeah, the hol­i­days are get­ting pretty boring. =(

  6. teddY said

    Nice entry ;) not a lot of peo­ple see things with such a unique, warm and opti­mistic per­spec­tive these days. Every­one is so busy engaged in rat race, climb­ing the cor­po­rate lad­der, sali­vat­ing over mon­e­tary gains. To these peo­ple, rainy days will mean Ala­mak! *steps on acce­leator* Surely jam later!. Isn’t it? :P

    Hello, dolly!

  7. ember said

    Ah, very nicely writ­ten com­ment your­self! =D

    How very true! Unfor­tu­nately, these peo­ple are a big chunk of soci­ety. And I won’t deny that I myself had my share of being them at times too. =(

  8. wying said

    every­thing seems new cause i see you only once in a blue moon now. =( too bad.
    gimme some of your time then. i’m rac­ing with time now! 100+ days to stpm!!

  9. ember said

    Well I guess so.. LOL.

    Nooo! *gets stingy with my time* I’ve one last week of hol­i­days left and I’m not shar­ing my time with no one.

    100+ days more? OMG. That’s cause to worry! =( Time flies, huh?