A bleak future

I woke up this morn­ing to find just how low my coun­try had stooped.

Appar­ently, in Malaysia, you’re screwed big time if you report a thief. You get accused, slammed, and grinded for pub­lish­ing a story telling of what a thief does as thief.. steal­ing things. For what’s worth, in the end, you get detained with­out trial as a mere reporter.

And the thief.

Oh boy did he got away.

He got a lit­tle slam­ming and grind­ing. He also got an easy three-year house arrest. He gets to keep the things he stole. He was caught steal­ing again.

But wait, where’s the arrest?

Just who, is wrong here?


by shenghan in Happenings, Rants on 13th September, 2008 at 12pm, Saturday, September 13th, 2008 12:30 pm GMT +8


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  1. Hans L. said

    Sieg Heil.

  2. Lucy said

    God, that’s absolutely hor­rid. I can’t believe some­thing like that would even hap­pen. They’re con­don­ing it, that’s what they’re doing. They’re send­ing the state­ment out that it’s okay to be a thief and take what’s not yours. There’s no jus­tice in that whatsoever.

  3. I know what your talk­ing about, and I am also not happy with the way he got away with it. Shame on those above!!

  4. Nicolo said

    That’s so wrong. Not to men­tion weird. I know steal­ing isn’t as big of a news topic as say, gov­ern­ment pol­icy. But so what if it was reported? It’s not like they’re going to stop steal­ing if they reported it.
    And why did the thief get to keep what he stole? I’m sure he’s going to steal more now. He’s got to make it worth the three years of bum­ming he’ll get after.

  5. ember said

    @Hans L, this ain’t Germany. ;)

    @Lucy, exactly! I wouldn’t have worded that any better!

    @Cdason, It’s really obvi­ous! =P Not only shame on them, their actions actu­ally shamed the coun­try as a whole. Reporters get­ting busted rather then the per­pe­tra­tors? Only in Malaysia!

    @Nicolo, (and to Lucy) Actu­ally, I was using a thief as a metaphor to what really hap­pened. The per­pe­tra­tor I men­tioned in the post did some­thing really much worse than steal­ing things. i.e, Mak­ing seri­ous racial remarks that shook the country.

    Malaysians would get what I wrote instantly, but sorry if I didn’t make it clear enough for you. =)

    You did make a point though, the ‘theif’ is def­i­nitely not going to stop with actions as dumb as what our gov­ern­ment did. =

  6. Serene said

    :o nicely said.. yup.. Malaysia (almost) head­ing towards doom adi haih.. *speechless*

  7. Eunice said

    Def­i­nitely. It brings me incred­i­ble sadness!

  8. ember said

    @Serene, that’s so true it’s sad. =(

    @Eunice, tell me about it! =( It’s that help­less feel­ing of know­ing there’s noth­ing you can do.

  9. Destiny said

    Oh wow… that does really suck if you are a reporter… the scrutiny that accom­pa­nies it isn’t worth while… but why do they get per­se­cuted as so?? Isn’t that good to report some­thing like that?