The day before.

So I gave in to nasty viruses caus­ing the bet­ter of my flu days before the finals. Well uh, I pre­fer how ‘days’ feels more calm­ing when it’s actu­ally tomor­row. Blah. Bet­ter sick now than any time dur­ing the course of the com­ing five days.

Seems like it was only yes­ter­day we were prep­ping our bat­tle­guns. If only tomor­row would seem like the hol­i­days already!

The past week though, was gru­el­ing. I’ve never had a worst study week.

It’s a period of seven days where your mind floats between crush­ing exam stress and the sunny post-exam hol­i­day par­adise. On one hand, you’re fran­ti­cally wor­ry­ing about cir­cuits, inte­grals and what­not. The other, you’ll be drift­ing along the free­way at 190mph steer­ing your 370Z around sharp bends in Under­cover and how to tackle that back­log of games and movies after the exams.

The only thing keep­ing my will to live on dur­ing this dark period are these:


If I’d man­age to secure results good enough for a Merit Schol­ar­ship this semes­ter, Kinder Bueno’s would single-handedly hold full credit.

No other wafer bars come close to these absolutely creamy milky heav­enly bites. RLC Cir­cuits are sud­denly so darn inter­est­ing. So here’s another pic­ture to keep you salivating.

Wish me luck! =)

by shenghan in Food, General, Life, Varsity on 23rd November, 2008 at 1am, Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 01:23 am GMT +8


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  1. BUENO! Wow that choco­late bar is seri­ously a heaven! That pic­ture made me drooling..

    Btw, I’m blog­walk­ing.. and while I’m here let me wish you a luck for the exam. And nice to see your blog. :)

  2. someone said

    Elec­tric­ity! Of course the RLC cir­cuits (we use the term LCR Cir­cuit) are inter­est­ing, fixed main for­mu­las (from what I learnt in A-level txtbk) and not much elab­o­ra­tion needed, one of my favourite part.

    The exam hall reminded me of my UEC exam, which just ended a few weeks ago (haha). okay now, last but not least, GoOD LucK & BeSt WiSheS for your exam!

  3. Patrick said

    Best wishes for your exam. I think I remem­ber noth­ing about RLC or Thevenin or Nor­ton after uni. Luck­ily I remem­ber Ohm’s Law.. V= IR..

  4. ember said

    @Oridusartic, Thank you! You bet Bueno’s are absolute heaven! My dad just bought two 8-pack boxes back from duty-free-choc-heaven Langkawi and as of writ­ing, there’s only 4 pack­ets left. =(

    @someone (o_O), Wow, I should’ve let you take my Elec­tron­ics paper then. =P It took a really long time for me to really grasp the fun­da­men­tals of cir­cuitry and all. Hope you did well in yours! =)

    @Patrick, I’m kinda afraid that’ll hap­pen to me too. Bloody exam-oriented men­tal­ity our Malaysian edu­ca­tion sys­tem put us through for twelve years.

    A ques­tion for you though, do you find what you’ve learnt in uni use­ful in your job now that you’ve grad­u­ated? I’ve always won­dered to what extent do you apply the things you learn in cam­pus. Hrm.

  5. Di said

    BUENO!!! wooow share ur love with them man, haha

    ur blog lay­out is sim­ply A+++, did u do it your­self? gdluck btw!

  6. Lucy said

    That bar looks so good…although I think I saw ‘coconut’ on there some­where. I can’t stand coconut, so I guess I prob­a­bly wouldn’t eat it. Still looks yummy though!

    I’m hop­ing you’re done with finals by now. I still remem­ber those good old days before finals…ah, the stress! I hope you did well and I hope you get bet­ter soon!

  7. wying said

    KINDER BUENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …eh, how come the floor is wet? oh sorry.. it’s my saliva.

  8. ember said

    @Di, *high five!!* =P And of course the theme is self-made..there are not many teh C peng themed lay­out you can find elsewhere.

    @Lucy! LMAO you’re as ditzy as ever! Where you got your coconut from? =P That heaven of a bar is all white choco­late, milk and hazel­nut goodness!

    And yeah..I’m done with finals already, woots! I wouldn’t call my final exam mem­o­ries as ‘the good old days’ though. =\

    @wying, EWW. *backs away from you* =P

  9. You should see a surge of traf­fic. Best header leh.

  10. ember said

    Hardly the best, my friend. There were far bet­ter ones featured ;)

  11. GOOD LUCK!

  12. teddY said

    I hope you’re feel­ing a lot bet­ter now ;) sorry to hear about the bug! I hate it when I fall sick before a major exam or some­thing, but I hate it more if I fall ill after the exams, when your friends are busy enjoy­ing your­self while you lay idle at home wait­ing for the freak­ing bug to be zapped for good.

    Good luck for your results! I couldn’t care much about mine… I just hope that it will give me grades that can make my par­ents happy hah! Any­way they don’t care about my results since high school but I’m sure they’ll be delighted to know if I got slightly bet­ter grades from time to time.

    Time for an update! :D

  13. ember said

    @Eli James, thanks!

    @teddy, Thanks, LOL. Well either way, that means that there is absolutely noth­ing good about falling sick at all.

    Same here, Terry. Its always largely because of par­ents isn’t it? But now that hol­i­days are in full swing, results are def­i­nitely the least of my wor­ries now. =P