Seasons greetings and updates.

Merry Christ­mas folks!

It might be a lit­tle late already, but as part of a tra­di­tion, I’ve updated the header to reflect the fes­tive sea­son! I must say though, of all the header’s I’ve done this one’s gotta be the most inten­sive one I’ve worked on. I had much fun work­ing on it though!

Which reminds me, I been want­ing for­ever to update my port­fo­lio with all that head­ers I’ve put up before. Not to men­tion quite a few web­sites I’ve designed over the past few weeks.

So yeah. I’m still alive.

The hol­i­days has been.. wait for it, hec­tic. That’s all you hear on my blog right. Seri­ously though, other than the few trips to the beach and a cou­ple of movies with friends, I’ve been busy on a few web design projects (sounds famil­iar?) through­out the holiday.

And as far as our home is con­cerned, the hol­i­days meant house­hold projects. First we had the relawn­ing project which I might be blog­ging about when it’s done. Then we had to spring-clean the house and trust me that was exhaust­ing. It’s still going on now by the way, I just sneaked onto my lap­top for a much needed update.

Hope­fully though, all work can be done before my Aunt’s fam­ily comes over from KL on Box­ing Day, where we’ll be hav­ing a short trip to Batang Ai and a much needed break.

So here’s a christ­mas tree I guess every Kuch­ing­nite would’ve seen by now to lighten up the fes­tive mood around here.

Damn. I need a dSLR so that night shots like the one above can stop becom­ing absolute disasters. =(

Oh wait, I already have one.


by shenghan in General on 24th December, 2008 at 1pm, Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 01:17 pm GMT +8


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  1. KiAm said

    OMFG.… u got one already?? :o~~~~

    oh and… usu­ally tak­ing ver­ti­cal pics with a dslr means turn­ing it side­ways… the oppo­site way u took it with, so u dont block your other eye :P

  2. KNizam said

    great blog design
    i really like it

    can i down­load the wp design for the aero 2005 ?

  3. OMFG! *I’m tempted to say ‘wel­come to the club’, but that sounds just plain pretentious.*

    What model?!

  4. Merry Christ­mas and wow, nice header!
    I should have linked your blog.. later. I’ll inform you once I have linked it. :D

  5. Fahriee said

    Con­grat­u­la­tions! Look­ing for­ward to see some pictures. ;)

    Merry Christ­mas and Happy New Year! :D

  6. Crystal said

    I a Chi­nese girl .Acci­den­tally came to your bolg,the christ­mas tree is very beautiful,I like your Web Design.
    And Happy New Year to you~

  7. KiAm said

    yeah i wanna know the model too!

    *con­sid­er­ing a Sony DSLR right now…*

  8. ember said

    LOL I came back from a 2-day vaca­tion to Batang Ai right after post­ing this with­out much thought and I’m dumb­struck.. and really really guilty. =(

    @Eli James, Actu­ally.. I –haven’t– got a dSLR yet. That photo above was me try­ing out my Uncle’s Canon EOS 40D. I can’t pos­si­bly ven­ture into the dSLR club head on with semi-pro gear right? =P

    Save your wel­comes for very soon though, when I really do join the club. =)

    @Kiam, Thanks for the tips! My uncle did cor­rect me on the ori­en­ta­tion for tak­ing por­traits after my dad took that photo above. And a Sony dSLR? Awe­some! Which model we’re talk­ing about? The A300 is on the top of my wish­list as of now. =D

    @KNizam, Thank you! Unfor­tu­nately though, I don’t plan to release my Aero theme in any­time the near future. It’s really old and buggy code and ugh.. you wouldn’t want it LOL. Glad you liked it though!

    @Oridusartic, Merry Christ­mas to you too! Thanks for the link! Do let me know when you’re done so I can link you back.

    @Fahriee, Sorry, dude! I hon­estly didn’t know you guys would actu­ally believe that. Any­way if I really do get one, I’m gonna need some tips from you man! You’re get­ting really good I must say. =)

    @Crystal, Glad you liked it here. Happy New Year back to you!

  9. KiAm said

    YES YES!! the A300!! nya­ha­ha­haha.… *drools at Super­SteadyShot and swivel LCD… :D~~

    but then some of my pho­to­holic friends who are more inclined towards canon and nikon are rather… doubt­ful of my deci­sion (and of course, rec­om­mend­ing canon and nikon instead)… although i already have enough money for one…

    any­way, decid­ing to put it on hold for now and get my bass gui­tar first… this weekend… :P

  10. ember said

    Indeed! Plus the Live View fea­ture which is really god­send. =D

    Well of course Canon and Nikon is bet­ter con­sid­er­ing they’ve been in the dSLR scene for a much longer time. But from the reviews I’ve read through, Sony isn’t so bad in this field either. And from what I’ve heard, the Orange peo­ple are a pretty fun bunch! =D

    Bass gui­tar? Form­ing a band? Got room for a pianist?

  11. KiAm said

    ..the orange ppl? whuzzat?

    oh and abt the band part… ima just start­ing to learn… dunno how far i will get but i just wanna play :P… do u play the keyboard?

  12. ember said

    Well they call Sony Alpha users the ‘Orange legion’ or some­thing like that. If you’ve seen how Sony pack­ages their brand new dSLRs in an attrac­tive bright orange box then you’ll know how Orange is fre­quently asso­ci­ated with Sony Alpha users.

    Cool lol. I play the piano more. Don’t really fancy the ultra soft keys of that of a keyboard. =)

  13. cdason said

    Wahh.. so many peo­ple get­ting DSLR this Christ­mas.. hahahha.…

    Any­way, merry Christ­mas, and Happy New Year to you!!

  14. […] Con­tact Sea­sons greet­ings and updates. […]

  15. ember said

    @cdason, At the time of writ­ing this post, I haven’t got one yet. But I’m a proud owner of one as of now. =D

    Happy new year to you too!