Unabating rain.

Rain. | EXIF: 55mm f/5.6 1/640 ISO400

As the Sky fer­vently goes on its ambi­tious quest to shift the entire South China Sea upon Kuch­ing, yours truly finds him­self spend­ing his days indoors scowl­ing at the weather.

It’s been four days and count­ing. Rainy days are no good for out­door pho­tog­ra­phy. Bad light­ing, cold color tem­per­a­ture, rain­drops every­where. Pfft. I used to love rainy days.

But then I realised, a lit­tle rain isn’t gonna stop me from spend­ing time with my girl­friend. She’s just as good rain or shine — heck she’s best when she’s wet! Okay I might be a lit­tle car­ried off here but yeah, rainy days are cer­tainly not an excuse not to head out and snap. =)

Droplets on the leaves of a Papaya fruit tree

Pearls on a Leaf | EXIF: 55mm f/5.6 1/250 ISO400

So head out and snap I did.

When the rain did abate a lit­tle, I went out into the back­yard to cap­ture nature’s view of the rainy day.

Flower in droplets

Flower juice.

Droplets present on almost every sur­face made every­thing stand out in ways I couldn’t have imag­ined. It was then when another wave of low-hanging rain­clouds sweep­ing in above me started to empty their load once again.

Droplets in the rain

Tow­ers of water | EXIF: 51mm f/5.6 1/200 ISO400

Sigh. Time to retire indoors. =(

by shenghan in Life on 10th January, 2009 at 4pm, Saturday, January 10th, 2009 04:01 pm GMT +8


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  1. Fahriee said

    Right? The rain just won’t stop these days. On the plus side though, it’s always cold. Best time to sleep your ass off. Hehe. BTW, love those shots. Espe­cially the first and the sec­ond one. :D

  2. Wow sweet. First and last shot is a high shut­ter speed, no? But how did you get suf­fi­cient lighting?

  3. teddY said

    Nice Excel­lent pho­tos Ember! They look really per­fect — my favourite pick will be the macro shot of the water droplets on the leaf, as well as the last shot of the water droplets and the rip­ples. A high shut­ter speed will cause under­ex­po­sure but that’s exactly the effect that made the rainy mood even more con­vinc­ing in the photo :) nice!

  4. ember said

    @Fahriee, Exactly! That’s why I said I like rainy days, beats the scorch­ing heat of a really hot day any­time. Step out­side these few days and it feels like nature has got a huge air-cond run­ning! Glad you liked ‘em!

    @Eli James, The first umbrella in the rain shot was taken with a 1/640s shut­ter speed. The rain­clouds did thin up a lit­tle allow­ing more light when I took that photo.

    The last rain­drop shot though, was taken at a slower 1/200s speed but was rather under­ex­posed. The reflec­tions of the brighter rain­clouds (not seen) along the hori­zon on the water saved the day though.

    @teddY, Thank you, Teddy! =D Those two are pretty much my favourites too. The last shot is indeed under­ex­posed but that’s the fastest speed I could go with­out the entire photo going absolutely dark. And you hit the nail on the head when you said I was going for the cool rainy mood when I decide not to crank up the expo­sure while doing post-processing on that shot. :D

  5. cm said

    I like the third one.

  6. wying said

    UHHHHH. i HATE you. LOL
    those pho­tos KICK ASS!!!
    i love the 2nd one.

  7. KiAm said

    i think u just increased traf­fic to your sis’s blog… haha

    any­way… unlim­ited rain works!

  8. ember said

    @cm, Cool. =D

    @wying, And why do you have to hate me for that? =P Glad you liked the sec­ond one though. Those droplets are on a leaf of a papaya fruit tree, if you’re won­der­ing. =D

    @KiAm, I hardly have any traf­fic on my own blog. And yeah, the rain works..until I get bored of shoot­ing in the rain! XD

  9. KiAm said

    lol.. my deci­sion to get a new toy at the begin­ning of this year ended up with a more ‘indoor’ toy than yours… :P

    wish the rain would stop, and oh god please stop all this humid­ity! it’s like get­ting free air­con which has no remote to increase the temperature…

  10. wying said

    girls always say the oppo­site of what they really meant, don’t you know?
    and those papaya leaves look a thou­sand times more deli­cious than papaya itself. mind you, i HATE papaya. and oh, i do mean it this time.

  11. teddY said

    Wow I’m going to love this new theme! Really, really awe­some! :D Very vin­tage and warm colours… if you don’t know, I’m a big fan of earthy colours!

    p/s: I’m so in love with the paper/canvas tex­ture you’re using :)

  12. ember said

    @Kiam, Wow you got your bass gui­tar already? =O Well you can always try point­ing your room’s air cond remote at the sky and see if that works! =D

    @wying, A PAPAYA FRUIT HATER! *grabs broom and chases you away granny-style* XD

    Damn. Papaya’s are the best stuff. How could you not like ‘em?

    @teddY, Thank you teddy! I’m so flat­tered by all these praises com­ing from you. =D