Project 365: A Photoblog

They all say prac­tice makes per­fect. When I first heard about Project 365 upon stum­bling upon the pho­to­blog of Dustin Diaz, I was com­pelled to start my own. I dug deeper and found a 2006 arti­cle about it on Pho­to­jojo: Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way — appar­ently the idea wasn’t new at all.

I had my reser­va­tions at first — would I be able to keep up, would I have the deter­mi­na­tion to not miss a sin­gle day, do I already take pho­tos that are actu­ally wor­thy of post­ing daily, etc. Then there are con­cerns that I haven’t yet fully mas­tered the poten­tial of shoot­ing with a dSLR.

Tilt-shift effect applied on a shot of Swinburnes Kuching campus

Tilt-shift effect applied on a shot of Swinburne’s Kuch­ing campus

It can be really demo­ti­vat­ing when a whole set of pho­tos doesn’t turn out to be up to your expec­ta­tions. LCDs can only tell you so much. Its only when you down­load them all into your PC where you can view them in their full under/overexposed, out-of-focus glory. Of course, lessons are learnt and I cer­tainly would not expect to be a decent pho­tog­ra­pher overnight, but the high rate of fail­ures kept me from jump­ing into start­ing a Project 365 photoblog.

But the Photojojo’s arti­cle I stum­bled upon directly addressed my con­cerns and lists a few extra ben­e­fits of start­ing such a project:

  • Imag­ine being able to look back at any day of your year and recall what you did, who you met, what you learned… (Often we find it hard to remem­ber what we did just yes­ter­day or even last night, let alone a whole year ago!)
  • Your year-long photo album will be an amaz­ing way to doc­u­ment your trav­els and accom­plish­ments, your hair­cuts and rela­tion­ships. Time moves sur­pris­ingly fast.
  • Tak­ing a photo a day will make you a bet­ter pho­tog­ra­pher. Using your cam­era every day will help you learn its lim­its. You will get bet­ter at com­pos­ing your shots, you’ll start to care about light­ing, and you’ll become more cre­ative with your pho­tog­ra­phy when you’re forced to come up with some­thing new every sin­gle day. #

While moti­vat­ing, I still had con­cerns if I should find myself giv­ing up halfway. Luck­ily the edi­tors at Pho­to­jojo fore­saw this and even men­tioned there’ll def­i­nitely be days where peo­ple con­sider giv­ing up and such. So they offered tips on how tackle that, too.

Tilt-shift effect applied on a shot of Swinburnes Kuching campus

More minia­ture tilt-shift effect fak­ery =P

Upon fin­ish­ing that arti­cle, I felt there is no rea­son I should not embark on this project. It’s a big com­mit­ment, yes. And I fore­see the final exams sea­son which I would obvi­ously have min­i­mal time with my cam­era let alone going online, but let the future decide for itself shall we?

So I decided to take that plunge.

I whipped up a quick and sim­ple dark-coloured theme and slapped it onto a sub­do­main of — — which is the address of my spank­ing new pho­to­blog. The sharp ones amongst you would already know that ‘img’ is short for ‘image’. I ini­tially used that sub­do­main to point all my images (I still do), but I couldn’t think of a bet­ter name for the pho­to­blog. ‘’ was a lit­tle too long, ‘photoblog-’ is way too generic. So I set­tled with the short and sweet, ‘img’. =)

I’ve started off my Project 365 with a photo from the 1st of Jan­u­ary (1/365), fol­lowed by a skip to 19th of Jan­u­ary as 2/365. That makes the photo I’ll post later on today (crap it’s already after mid­night!) 3/365. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of this later on.

So what are you wait­ing for? Head on over to

*shame­less plug*

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  1. […] Inau­gural bits: 19 days never too late. As you might have read from my blog, I’ve decided to jump onto the 365-a-photo-a-day pho­to­blog project band­wagon.. despite being 19 days late. But heck, its still Jan­u­ary, and there’s still plenty of 2009 left to spare! Here, I’ll kick off with the first day of 2009, then skip­ping to 2/365 (for 19th of Jan) for con­ti­nu­ity. Read more on the project here. […]

  2. Fahriee said

    Haha. Not too late to start? :P

    • ember said

      Doesn’t mat­ter actu­ally, I’ll end my Project 365 at 19th Jan­u­ary 2010.. 365 days later. =D

      You should so start one too, Fahriee!

  3. KiAm said

    it’s just a few days ago when i was read­ing abt tilt-shift (from some web­site which u might know, i for­got) and now i see it in action… o.O;

  4. ember said

    The world just works in won­ders, doesn’t it? I’ve had plenty of expe­ri­ences like that too haha!

  5. Lucy said

    I hon­estly don’t think I’d have the time or dis­ci­pline to do some­thing like that. Though I’d love to, I’d prob­a­bly crap out after the third week or some­thing. I love tak­ing pho­tos, but there’s not much around here to take a photo of. Add that to the fact that it’s pretty much dark out by the time I’m off from work, and that gives me hardly any­thing to take a photo of. I’d need a much bet­ter cam­era any­way. But kudos to you and I’ll be check­ing out your pho­tos everyday. :)

    • ember said

      I had that exact same thought as you when I first con­sid­ered Project 365. But that’s a chal­lenge I’m will­ing to take. =D

      I’d con­sider myself lucky if I were you, Lucy! Bring your cam­era to your school! Chil­dren are such a joy to snap — their inno­cence, the expres­sions, emo­tions they por­tray, the list is end­less. Your cam­era is pretty good actu­ally (I snooped around your Flickr pho­to­stream, heh.) and your pho­tos are pretty artis­tic, so don’t let that limit you. :D


      • Lucy said

        You know how to make a girl feel flat­tered. <3

  6. DaniGirl said

    Hey, kewl, you (re)started your 365 the same day I started mine.

    (Really nice blog design, btw!)

    • ember said

      Seri­ously? Wow, what are the odds! Maybe we should give each other encouragement? =)

  7. […] I started this project with­out much expec­ta­tions, with only the desire to observe the lim­its of phở­tog­ra­phy with a dSLR. I was brim­ming with excite­ment with my new dSLR cam­era then — though I wasn’t new to phở­tog­ra­phy – but what bet­ter way to do that than to dive head-first into this project? […]