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That’s right. You’re look­ing at a spank­ing new blog post on Betcha didn’t see this com­ing did ya? Okay. I’m gonna refrain from point­ing out the obvi­ous about my blog’s inac­tiv­ity and how it all hap­pened — busyas­sign­mentsand­pro­ject­shavey­ounootherex­cuses? But really, blame the pho­to­blog.

So — *slaps on a 3-foot-thick face* — dur­ing the mid-term break five uh, weeks ago, the fam­ily tagged along Dad to Sibu where he had offi­cial duty. We spent the night at Betong before con­tin­u­ing on the jour­ney along the Trans-Borneo high­way to the third largest city of Sarawak.

The famous Sibu Express Boat Wharf - 3 exposure HDR

The famous Sibu Express Boat Wharf — 3 expo­sure HDR

Almost six whole hours on the road later, we found our­selves in the midst of the bustling town of Sibu. Dad took us straight to the famous express boat wharf  — a nos­tal­gic sight I haven’t seen in some good 10 years. And boy had this laid-back town changed over the years, most promi­nently with the addi­tion of Sarawak’s tallest build­ing — the Wisma Sanyan.

Wisma Sanyan - tallest building in Sarawak

Wisma Sanyan: The tallest build­ing in Sarawak is not in Kuch­ing, mind you.

Inci­den­tally, our hotel was right next to this tow­er­ing mono­lith and the country’s largest town square it looks upon. We sighed a breath of relief when Dad pulled up onto the lobby of RH Hotel, which was thank­fully a uni­verse away from the bare-boned one we spent the night in back in Betong.

The room

The room — and my work­sta­tion through­out the stay

So this was where we spent the next 5 days.

The corridor with the family

Hang­ing out in the corridors

Sis and Me




My Sis and I was also lucky enough to find access to the exec­u­tive floors one bored morn­ing. We lit­er­ally explored every cor­ner of that 14-storey build­ing. Funny thing was, the lift blocked access to the exec­u­tive floors the next time when we tried to bring Mom and Dad up.

RH Hotels Executive Rooms

RH Hotel’s Exec­u­tive Suites

Because the rooms came with com­pli­men­tary break­fast at the hotel restau­rant for two, we took turns to head down every morn­ing for a scrump­tious buf­fet breakfast.

Breakfast was never this good

Break­fast was never this good

When not eat­ing in the hotel, we’d head out. I must say though, RH Hotel has the most strate­gic loca­tion. It was just a stone’s throw away from the Wisma Sanyan mall and the humon­gous Sibu Town Square. Not to men­tion, only a walk­ing dis­tance from count­less eater­ies of Sibu’s CBD. Seri­ously, you have to be really lazy to stay hun­gry there.

Through­out our stay, the rain gods were kind enough to spare their light­ning spears and water hoses. For it didn’t rain even a sin­gle drop in the five days we were in Sibu. The clear skies all day long even­tu­ally led into beau­ti­ful sun­sets over the Rejang River. Ones that scream for you to get out and shoot.

Sister in Sunset

Sis­ter and dusk at the Sibu Town Square — 3-exposure HDR

Which was exactly what I did.

Mom and Sis at the Sibu waterfront park

Mom and Sis at the Sibu water­front park

We also walked over to the  really well-kept Sibu water­front park for an even bet­ter view of sunsets.

On the last day, we had lunch at the Sibu Cen­tral Mar­ket. Dad recalled of how they dis­play live­stock for sale in the mar­ket — all wrapped up in news­pa­per tubes with only their heads bob­bing up and down. It was a must-see.

Live chickens in the Sibu Central Market

Live chick­ens in the Sibu Cen­tral Market

It didn’t take long for us to find the live chick­ens. While ini­tially amused at how they were left with their heads excit­edly bob­bing, some of these poor birds just hung their heads low — as if in hope­less despair. I felt a tinge of sym­pa­thy as I shot them through my viewfinder. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not turn­ing veg­e­tar­ian any­time soon. Chick­ens are..well, chick­ens. It is their fate, how­ever unfortunate.

Nonethe­less, we headed up to the 1st floor of the mar­ket to savour some authen­tic Sibu food for the last time. Not miss­ing, of course, the oh-so-overrated kom­piah — dry and hard oven-baked lumps of flour sprin­kled with sesame seeds. I never under­stood how could peo­ple eat them as-is. Other than its bland taste, its dry and rock-hard tex­ture could seri­ously break some teeth.

Sibu kompiah stuffed with minced meat

Sibu kom­piah stuffed with minced meat

But, when you slice a kom­piah in half, stuff some juicy minced meat into it and deep-fry it into some golden-brown good­ness — you’ve got the best del­i­cacy 60 cents can buy you (prices may vary). It was the first stuff we ordered as soon as we sat down.

Know­ing all so well one can­not leave Sibu with­out a large bag of kom­piahs, we headed to the old Sibu Mar­ket after lunch to get our­selves some of them freshly-baked from authen­tic kom­piah bak­eries. If you’ve never seen how kom­piahs are baked, here you go:

Fresh batches of kompiah in a traditional oven

Fresh batches of kom­piah in a tra­di­tional Chi­nese oven

The bak­ery work­ers wasn’t all that happy about me point­ing my cam­era into the kitchen as he swiftly moved into the frame to com­pletely block my view. As if I’m plan­ning to copy and patent their space-age tech to mass-produce kom­piahs in my mega kom­piah fac­tory. Although that isn’t such a bad idea. =)

So armed with a huge bag of steam­ing hot kom­piahs we embarked on the jour­ney back home with only Dad to thank for bring­ing us along for this trip while he worked is ass off. This is my Dad for you. Thanks pops!

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  1. MiKa said

    i saw a typo (last paragraph):

    .…with only Dad to thank for bring­ing us along for this trip while he worked *is* ass off.”

    besides that, nice HDR! :D

    • ember said

      Woah. Sharp. A 2-month hia­tus on blog­ging does have its effects.. =(

      Okay really, I make bloody lit­tle typos All. The. Time. My absent mind just con­ve­niently skips them while proof­read­ing. I must’ve got some kind of dis­or­der or something. =|

      Neways, thanks! Will do the cor­rec­tion when I get home.

  2. I thought my reader was wrong.. but yeah.. finally!! Nice shots!

    • ember said

      Cyril! It’s been awhile eh? Well there’s noth­ing wrong with your reader that’s for sure! =)

      Sorry I haven’t been com­ment­ing on your blog man. I still do fol­low your blog — just haven’t got the time to drop something.

  3. Chien said

    Nice pho­tos! I can’t remem­ber my last trip to Sibu though, it was more than decade ago and that time I’m still a tiny kid :\

    • ember said

      Thank you! Well that makes us almost the same then. It was at least 10 years before I my recent trip to Sibu and was also a kid back then, haha! You should so go back there, that place has changed so much. =D

      But rest assured, their kom­piahs are just as good. =)

  4. Latrina said

    You actu­ally blogged? *gasps!* Hehe, good to see you’re well. Always enjoyed your blogs, lovely pho­tos as always!

    You and you’re fam­ily seemed to have had a good time. Such lovely pho­tos to cap­ture the time spent with your fam­ily too! I espe­cially admired the photo of your mom & sis­ter behind the flow­ers. I love the focus and also that your mother’s shirt matches the flow­ers beautifully!

    Btw, woot for Dell! Your lap­top looks exactly like mine. Is yours a 1420? Mines dark blue. :D

    • ember said

      Oh yes you bet I did, Lat­rina! Well I’m never bet­ter — although my Project 365 is run­ning into a lit­tle back­log but rest assured, its still going on thanks to loyal vis­i­tors such as you! =D

      We cer­tainly had a good time! It was our first fam­ily vaca­tion in quite some time. Although Dad had to work for half a day, we’d usu­ally explore the town together dur­ing the afternoons.

      Glad you liked that photo! And hey, great spot on my mother’s shirt match­ing the flow­ers. I wouldn’t have noticed that, haha!

      You’re actu­ally using a 1420? What a sur­prise! Mine’s actu­ally a 1520 but hey, they’re still very closely related! *high fives!* :D

  5. Max said

    Finally you have come out with a new post. I have been wait­ing since your last post. =) I been to Sibu sev­eral times but I never knew it is such a lovely place. The pic­tures tell me it is. I per­son­ally like the pic­tures very much. Well done. Keep it on ya.

    • ember said

      And you’ve finally com­mented on my blog. =P

      Sibu is a lovely place. I’m sure your brother can tell you that. =D Glad you liked the pho­tos, hehe!

  6. Vyz said

    Wow…never thought Sibu still pre­serve the antic Kom­Piah Bak­ing method! I thought old bak­ing method like that could only be found at Ipoh or Penang .
    I really love some of your pho­tos, would you mind to share the orig­i­nal res­o­lu­tion of the pho­tos? :
    1 — sibu09-BoatWharf
    2 — sibu09-WismaSanyan
    3 — sibu09-HotelRoom
    4 — sibu09-SisAndMe
    5 — sibu09-CoffeeTable
    6 — sibu09-ExecFloors
    oo…looks like I’m ask­ing too much =p , ouch…

    Not for­get­ting, I really love read­ing your blogs…any typos are noth­ing com­pare to the excel­lence of your blog… love the word­ing “busyas­sign­mentsand­pro­ject­shavey­ounootherex­cuses” haha…very cre­ative! keke… and also the idea “…their space-age tech to mass-produce kom­piahs in my mega kom­piah fac­tory.” haha! Maybe we could have mega tehCpeng fac­tory, gagaga!!! =D

    • ember said

      I was sur­prised when I dis­cov­ered the tra­di­tional oven too — it looks so biz­zare. I thought it was a — sorry — toi­let bowl at first, haha! But yeah, I was very, very wrong about that. =D

      Whoah, that’s quite a list but I’m more than glad to send ‘em to you ASAP. No prob­lem at all! =D

      Haha! A mega tehCpeng fac­tory doesn’t sound so bad! Now you’re mak­ing me crave a for a cup — no thanks to the hot weather. =P Speak­ing of which, maybe I’ll make one myself, hehe. Glad you liked the post! =)

  7. William said

    My home­town!! i didn’t real­ize that it was such a beauty until now! lolz…

    • ember said

      Ah, I kinda for­got you are from Sibu. =)

  8. Caity said

    Wow! Your pho­tographs are fan­tas­tic! I can only hope to be half that good one day. I’m a super fan of Canons. I’m glad you had a nice trip. It cer­tainly looks like it.

    • ember said

      Why thank you! And hello there Canon fan! =)

      Yeah you bet I had a nice trip. Don’t do that pretty often with the fam­ily now that I’m in cam­pus and all. So yeah. =D

  9. I missed Sibu, I was there for 2 years and now trans­ferred back to Kuch­ing liao. Miss the Kong Pia too!!haha!! By the way, your pic­tures are great! very pro lor :)

    • ember said

      Wow. 2 years is quite some time to really get attached to a town. But yeah, Sibu’s a great place to live in. Glad you liked my pho­tos. =D

  10. Teddy said

    I can’t believe it took me so long to com­ment on your lat­est entry. Glad to see you blog­ging again! I really miss your writ­ing. Sorry to hear about the busy times which is now caus­ing a con­flict of inter­est between stay­ing focused and main­tain­ing a pho­to­blog, but I believe you’ll get it sorted out soon. Don’t worry too much!

    I always love your post-processing — high con­trast and sat­u­rated colours. The camwhor­ing pic got me laughing!

    Live chick­ens in the mar­ket always make me heart turn cold. I’m still haunted by the hap­less screams (?) of the chick­ens when­ever they get slaugh­tered. The fact that the chicken ven­dor parks his truck in front of a cof­fee shop we fre­quent and did the slaugh­ter­ing there didn’t help.

    Your HDRs really caught me atten­tion. Lovely ones, espe­cially the one fea­tur­ing your sis­ter in the park. I was nearly blown off my seat!

    p/s: Have you con­sid­ered sub­mit­ting your works to Dig­i­tal Cam­era Mag­a­zine Malaysia? You stand a very good chance of get­ting your pho­tos fea­tured, you know!

    • ember said

      Hah, don’t worry, Teddy. I bet you didn’t see a post com­ing after this blog went on such a long hia­tus. And thanks, cer­tainly hope I’ll fig­ure out how to straighten out post­ings on both of my blogs. =

      Oh I can cer­tainly remem­ber the hor­ror when I first saw how they slaugh­tered chick­ens. Ugh. Really sucks that you have to hear to them so often, Teddy. =(

      Thank you. I really loved how that shot turned out too. I’ve been want­ing to take a HDR por­trait like that one for a long time. There was no bet­ter place than the vast grassy open spaces of SIbu’s town square!

      Haha, I’m really flat­tered you think so. =) I’ve con­sid­ered sub­mit­ting before this but I find it rather hard to meet their sub­mis­sion themes. You really should try your­self too, Teddy!

  11. Joann said

    I just skimmed your web­page because I’m new to it and I think I’m envi­ous of your web­page! I admire your pho­tog­ra­phy 100%. I think it gor­geous and you’re very tal­ented. Sec­ondly though, the design is stel­lar and you’re from Sin­ga­pore! I think it one of the most splen­did places in Asia to visit. I only have to show a bit more bias to Malaysia because my par­ents are from there! Your pho­tog­ra­phy though… it’s jaw-dropping!

    • ember said

      Actu­ally I’m not from Sin­ga­pore, but Malaysia — like your parents.=D I agree — both Sin­ga­pore and Malaysia are great places to visit. I take it that you’ve been here? If not — you really should! =)

  12. Billy Kong said

    Your blog are amaz­ingly done!!
    I like your photo’s a lot, you are great pto­tog­ra­pher.….….….….…
    Why don’t you take some photo of Swinburne?

    • ember said

      Why thank you! =D Inter­est­ing why you ask that ques­tion. I do take pho­tos in Swin­burne — a lot of them — only we’re in the mid­dle of the semes­ter break now, so not so many trips to cam­pus. If I do post pho­tos of Swin­burne though, it’ll mostly be on my pho­to­blog. =)

  13. Not to men­tion that this blog is really cool in design.. I won­der how much expe­ri­ence have you got in the design field.. you r really cre­ative i must say. cool effort..

    • ember said

      Thank you! Glad you liked it. As for expe­ri­ence, I can’t say I have a lot — I haven’t really been into the whole design field. This theme you’re look­ing at now is only the 2nd one I’ve designed for my blog so far and although I’ve worked on a few projects — that’s pretty much it. =)