So Ends Another Chapter

As the semes­ter draws to a close, one can’t help but suc­cumb to that tinge of sad­ness brought about every time we con­clude yet another 14-week semester.

Let not the lack of updates to this poor blog deceive you though, for you bet, the semes­ter was so jam-packed that I promptly shied away from the Add New Post but­ton. But this blog wasn’t left idle for nothing.

We pulled through prepar­ing a case study report and pre­sent­ing it later..

Kheng Shin talking on the Da Vinci Surgery Robot

Kheng Shin talk­ing on the Da Vinci Sur­gi­cal Robot

We spent hours on end build­ing, pro­gram­ming, test­ing and pro­gram­ming, and pro­gram­ming, aaand pro­gram­ming a Lego robot for the Robotic Competition..

Troubleshooting robot problems

Trou­bleshoot­ing robot prob­lems while Kheng Shin snapped us

..which exceeded our wildest expec­ta­tions when it secured a shiny 3rd place.



We got a taste of indus­trial machin­ing when we grinded and milled a nut and bolt out of bare steel cylinders.

Forming a bolt using a lathe machine

Form­ing a bolt on a lathe machine

We’d never look at music boxes in gift shops the same way again after crack­ing our heads imple­ment­ing one in Embed­ded Microcontrollers.

Music Boxes are a pain to program I tell you

Music Boxes are a pain to pro­gram I tell you

We cel­e­brated our achieve­ments in the schol­ar­ships pre­sen­ta­tion ceremony..


Schol­ars of joy

In a few hours time, we’d head into the halls. Where the air-cond chill and end­less rows of iso­lated tables arranged in a per­fect grid over­whelms your sur­round­ings, as if designed specif­i­cally to thwart your con­fi­dence. As we approach our des­ig­nated desks, although in sweaty palms and short, cold breaths, we sit down in dignity.

Danbo studies

Danbo stud­ies

For it is with dig­nity we make 4-months of hard­ship — worth­while.

Good luck!

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  1. MiKa said

    engi­neer­ing seems so much more inter­est­ing than busi­ness o.O

    gd luck! :D

    • ember said

      I actu­ally can’t tell if you’re right. Busi­ness sub­jects are pretty fun too, I once did a pho­to­shoot for a group of Busi­ness stu­dents for their class project which seemed like great fun. They referred to their project as OM assign­ment or something.=)

  2. Dmitry said

    I think that some­day you should def­i­nitely write some­thing like a tuto­r­ial with am expla­na­tion of post pro­ces­sion of your pho­tos — peo­ple have right to know how to deal with so great warm colors! =)

    • ember said

      Great idea! I actu­ally do have a lot of post sub­jects in mind. Just have to fin­ish. off. the. finals!

  3. Cyril said

    I see Lego.. Is it from the MInd­storm set where you have the NXT brain?

    I could call you up to give a talk on my robo­tivs team =)

    • ember said

      Whoah. I’m hardly that knowl­edge­able in robot­ics (yet). =P And you have a robot­ics team in school? Wow!

      Yeap, we used Lego Mind­storm sets but Swin­burne sourced its brains else­where. I’m not sure of its ori­gins but we call the micro­con­troller board we’re using, the AX-11. Pro­gram­ming lan­guage is in C.

  4. shin said

    hei…tat troubleshooting…feel very famil­iar o!!!
    is my tech­nic good or your cam­era good leh???hehehe><

    • ember said

      Of course my cam­era good lah. =P

  5. Great to see activ­ity back on the blog and we hope to see more of that beau­ti­ful pho­tog­ra­phy of yours.

    • ember said

      Thank you! It’s great to be back blog­ging here too. =)

  6. Max said

    Every pic­ture you took up there brings me back to every sin­gle moment we have gone through. 14 weeks of study was busy and tir­ing, but I enjoy a lot. Thanks… = ) I am very happy this semes­ter and it is my honor work­ing with you. Appre­ci­ate those mem­o­ries And still, I miss my Cock­roach 7.0 =”(

    • ember said

      Don’t you men­tion it! I’m tear­ing again think­ing of our robot. Really sad that we had to leave it so abruptly. =(

      Nah, the honor is mine, really. You guys have been such great team mates. =D

  7. Oh, WHERE WERE YOU?! I was wait­ing for a post for so long! =|

    Regard­less, good luck for your exams. God bless.

    • ember said

      Thank you!

      Well I was.. right here, only bounc­ing between cam­pus life and my pho­to­blog. =) Unless you define being here as a new shiny post on my blog then yeah, I’ve been away for some four months. Save for 3 or so drafts of posts that didn’t really made it when it was rel­e­vant to pub­lish. Ah, blog­ging can be so stress­ful. =P