Bytes: Introducing, Shorties

Hope ya’ll had a jolly Christ­mas! As you can see, I was busy for a bit dur­ing the fes­tive sea­son on a new imple­men­ta­tion on this blog what I call now, Short­ies. I still haven’t finalised what they’ll be called but short­ies are basi­cally mini-posts where I’ll share quick thoughts, links, or pho­tos that doesn’t deserve the glory and splen­dor of a full-length post.

I’ve been want­ing to have such mini-posts in between my major posts for quite awhile, for the sim­ple rea­son that I tend to get rather ambi­tious that every time I churn out a new post on, it has to be full-featured, care­fully worded and pic­to­ri­ally com­plete. More often than not, such posts lead into a grow­ing pile of dor­mant drafts in my Word­Press posts manager.

Post­ing short­ies allows me to put out more casual post­ings in between, while at the same time not draw­ing too much atten­tion away from the main post­ings. That said, look out for short, sweet and cheer­ful doses of short­ies as I sort things out before 2009 draws to an end. Between you and me, I hon­estly can’t wait to post my next shortie. =p

Happy Hol­i­days!

by shenghan in asides on 26th December, 2009 at 5pm, Saturday, December 26th, 2009 05:49 pm GMT +8


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  1. Kenneth said

    I mean it’s great to know to, but Show some pic­tures on peace and love, don’t pro­mote vio­lence or even show them.
    Ajax Com­ment? Pretty cool

    • ember said

      Uh. Okay. What­ever you say, Ken­neth. Peace and love it is. Been hav­ing Ajax-ed com­ments for awhile now. =) How long haven’t you been here?