Bytes: Post mid-terms and thoughts

Just fin­ished a string of mid-term tests when it dawned upon me just how we study these days, summed up best in the graph below I cre­ated cour­tesy of graphjam.


Nuff said.

P/s: Happy triple-10!

Edit: On sec­ond glance, I thought ‘Right after test’ does not make much sense now — why would any­one still study right after a test? At least as dic­tated by the Malaysian Edu­ca­tion Sys­tem, that’s down­right dumb. A bit of ratio­nale into why I thought so: I know a lot of us who would linger right out­side the exam hall after we’re cleared to leave, dis­sect­ing every ques­tion and that’s where I usu­ally realise how I got ques­tions wrong. And a lot of times mis­takes made at times like these are the ones that stuck.

by shenghan in asides, Life, Varsity on 10th October, 2010 at 7pm, Sunday, October 10th, 2010 07:01 pm GMT +8


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  1. Jon said

    Good luck, –hang in there!

  2. Nicely said :-)

  3. Can’t help it, it’s a tra­di­tion to study night before the test. xD

  4. ember said

    @Jon, @Cyril, Thanks!

    @Oridusartic, I do it every­time! With­out fail, heh.

  5. Serene said

    lol! Its a neces­sity to relax 1st and pia ltr XD

  6. Final exam is just around the cor­ner now. All the best with your preparation! =)

  7. ember said

    @Serene, No it’s more like relax 1st and screw your­self up later. xD

    @Elisha, Thank you! And you just had to remind me of that fact!

  8. Thanks in advance for your help