That didn’t take long at all. Seems like it was just yes­ter­day I was mulling over a day like this. For many, day of reflec­tion. A day of res­o­lu­tion for some. For those in the job world, a pub­lic hol­i­day from the heav­ens.

2010 was a wild, wild ride. Where do I even begin to describe it. I orig­i­nally planned a mega-post look­ing back at the year, blow by blow, and to end every­thing with a blast. But as always, things got ahead of me and that post-to-be never came into fruition. All year long post ideas came and went. At times I’d won­der if blogs are still rel­e­vant now with Face­book, Tum­blr and Twit­ter tak­ing over online self-expression. Yet here I am, back in my old liar, fig­ur­ing out how to make up for my most inac­tive year in blog­ging yet.

I thought I’d updated when I got myself a new phone back in May to replace my 3-year-old W810i.

Danbo and the Legend

Then I thought I’d show off my lat­est addi­tion to my arse­nal of lenses: the amaz­ing Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM in October.

Danbo and the Sigma 30mm

In Novem­ber, I fig­ured I would update about my awe­some, spir­i­tu­ally enrich­ing trip to Japan.

Motomi­ta­maza, Atami with relatives

Then in Decem­ber, I had planned to churn another mega post to depict the mega flop that was our Mecha­tron­ics Sys­tems Design project: a Rubik’s cube solver robot.


This was eas­ily the let­down of the year. So much hope and effort was put into build­ing this that we couldn’t accept fail­ure; nor could we see it com­ing. But our final demon­stra­tion was a flop, and writ­ing about it now still leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  Nonethe­less, along with team­mates Wil­fred and Kheng Shin, build­ing it was great fun and despite every­thing MSD is still one of my favourite sub­jects yet.

Rubik’s cube solver in action

2010 though, was so much more than what I had hoped to blog about. But as they say, ‘What hap­pened in 2010, stays in 2010′.

I almost for­got how it’s like becom­ing a Face­book wall zom­bie; enslaved by reply­ing to a bot­tom­less pit of wall post­ings com­ing in all day. And get­ting sore thumbs from all that tex­ting. But on a day like this, you wouldn’t mind.

For today’s the day I turn twenty-one.

Good­bye 2010; Happy 2011!

by shenghan in Life on 31st December, 2010 at 11pm, Friday, December 31st, 2010 11:58 pm GMT +8


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  1. wying said

    Happy New Year! Blog more please!! :)

  2. Shin said

    wow…i like this post! how to “LIKE” like face­book?
    should start plan for 2011 and this year must bet­ter than last year!!

  3. 1st off.. Happy New Year.. Hope I’m not too late in wish­ing you the best this year :-)

    2ndly.. My stu­dent built a rubix cube solver too. Only dif­fer­ence is he did it using our stan­dard robot­ics lego set, but I think he has a bright future in Robot­ics and automation :-)

    3rdly…Did I just see a HTC ? The worlds best Android phone in 2010?

    Dont stop blog­ging bro.. the world will loose a great blog­ger and pho­tog­ra­pher if you do!

  4. Angelina said

    says WHOAH and thumbs up for the Rubik’s cube solver robot. who in the world could thing of such an idea? bet much effort and tons of sweat have been thrown into mak­ing it a suc­cess. con­grats :) its the process that counts ;p

  5. Arieon said


    have you stop blog­ging. Coz i can see that you havent post new arti­cle lately.

    The world will lost another great blog­ger again.