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Shutter Happy in Sibu

That’s right. You’re look­ing at a spank­ing new blog post on Betcha didn’t see this com­ing did ya? Okay. I’m gonna refrain from point­ing out the obvi­ous about my blog’s inac­tiv­ity and how it all hap­pened — busyas­sign­mentsand­pro­ject­shavey­ounootherex­cuses? But really, blame the phở­to­blog. So — *slaps on a 3-foot-thick face* — dur­ing the mid-term […]

An Aeon Later

It’s been an aeon or two before this blog last saw an update. Some­where around the last bil­lion years, semes­ter two started. Then again, I usu­ally leave aeons between my blog posts.. so yeah. Okay seri­ously, its been two weeks when we had to put 3 lazy months of sum­mer hol­i­days behind us and start […]