Category: Happenings

Earth Hour ’09

After the one-hour switch-off, the count­down, the cel­e­bra­tions, the can­dle­light par­ties, the dark­ened sky­lines of reknowned cities of the world, the pledg­ing, the vot­ing, inevitably, the Earth Hour craze and excite­ment with­ers away, and when we return to our daily lives one won­ders just how Earth Hour made a dif­fer­ence — if any. I remem­ber fearing […]

Among the Clouds

See that shiny lit­tle speck down there?” I asked my sis­ter, point­ing at an arbi­trary point in an end­less mass of tree canopies as we looked out into South­west Kali­man­tan. “That lit­tle speck is gonna grow big­ger,” I made a soft whizzing sound as my fin­gers por­tray a rapidly approach­ing metal­lic object, “Whizzzz.. Arrrgg!” I poke […]