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Guiltily Inactive

I looked up. Star­ing at my Machine Dynam­ics 2 lecturer’s ever so vivid body lan­guage as he tried — fran­ti­cally — to liven up a class­room full of stu­dents wear­ing that unmis­tak­able wtfarey­outalkingabout expres­sion. Words find them­selves hard to stick in one piece as they escape his mouth rid­ing on a heavy Middle-eastern accent. Incom­pre­hen­si­ble syl­la­bles collapse […]

Shutter Happy in Sibu

That’s right. You’re look­ing at a spank­ing new blog post on Betcha didn’t see this com­ing did ya? Okay. I’m gonna refrain from point­ing out the obvi­ous about my blog’s inac­tiv­ity and how it all hap­pened — busyas­sign­mentsand­pro­ject­shavey­ounootherex­cuses? But really, blame the phở­to­blog. So — *slaps on a 3-foot-thick face* — dur­ing the mid-term […]