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That Fail Calc.

That other day, Kiam and I drove over to the city Post Office to col­lect a much-awaited pack­age arriv­ing half-a-globe away from Canada. We were led by Post Office staff through a maze of mail sort­ing sta­tions, piles of parcels and what­not. At the cus­toms inspec­tion, Kiam pryed open our pack­age, reveal­ing three used TI-84 […]

A bleak future

I woke up this morn­ing to find just how low my coun­try had stooped. Appar­ently, in Malaysia, you’re screwed big time if you report a thief. You get accused, slammed, and grinded for pub­lish­ing a story telling of what a thief does as thief.. steal­ing things. For what’s worth, in the end, you get detained […]