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Five Years

Holy mac­a­roni it’s the year twenty-ten already. Where’s my orbital-space-whatever-flying car — I’m gonna need it to beam myself up to my space villa on Mars. Or not. It still doesn’t feel we’re here already. I know 2010 is just a year after 2009 but, still.. Any­way, first post of 2010! Five years and five days ago, like […]

Version Two

When I released V1 back in March 2008, I wasn’t really con­tented with the space in which I was lim­ited to express my blog posts in both typog­ra­phy and imagery. At times when I put empha­sis on my writ­ing, I felt the font was just too small to really deliver any impact. Then there […]

Feature Galore!

I am now the hap­pi­est wannabe web designer in the world. xD Now I empha­sise that wannabe because in no way am I a full-fledged web designer/developer/coder. I may know a wee bit of Illus­tra­tor and Phở­to­shop and bits of HTML/CSS stuff here and there but that’s noth­ing. Seri­ously, who doesn’t know how to use […]