I’m reach­able at: sheng­han [at], which is also my Win­dows Live Mes­sen­ger address.


Have any­thing to say about this web­site? or does it look bro­ken on your browser? or how it sucks more than your house­hold vac­uum? or you just want to share how you slammed your mouse when IE crashes for the 3218937th time and ended up here? Feel free to drop a com­ment below.


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  1. ember said


  2. n0name said

    I was won­der­ing where do you get the dri­ver for the graph­ics card that you played Cry­sis from? thanks.

  3. Matt said

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    Let me know if you are inter­ested so that we can dis­cuss it fur­ther. I can make a good offer to make it worth your time.

  4. ember said

    Matt, check your inbox. =)

  5. Brian said

    Nice look­ing blog. And I’m amazed to see how much you can write on your pro­file. Keep your great job in your blog XD

  6. ember said

    Why thank you! Heh, that about page has been through lots of revamps through­out the years. It’s grown soou long i’m begin­ning to doubt if any­one ever read it! lol.

    Glad you did! =D

  7. wying said

    you are really.. *thumbs up*

  8. Amaz­ing.

  9. ember said

    Thanks, peeps! =D

  10. Katy said

    Con­grats on smash­ing­magazine! It’s how I found this incred­i­ble site! Was won­der­ing how you added cbox to your side­bar? I’m using word­press as well, but don’t know where the cor­rect place is to paste the cbox code. Please help :)

  11. ember said

    Thank you!

    Well it depends on your word­press theme. In my case, I placed my cbox code in my sidebar.php file.

    Im not really sure how is the struc­ture of you theme but Im guess­ing that your cbox code should be placed any­where inside your #sec­ondary div tags.

  12. BrYAn said

    waaaa… ur blog theme damn chun!! r u offer­ing any ser­vice to do blog tem­plates for my blog?? please email me if u do… i wud be much appreciated.… (=

  13. ember said

    Thanks. =P Aww..I hate to pass up oppor­tu­ni­ties but I’ll have to let this one go. I’ve got a hec­tic uni life, you see. =(

  14. great work !!!!!!!

  15. Woonyien said

    hey.. ur blog really look great! neat and well… really nice.. just impressive. =)

  16. ember said

    Thanks! Glad you liked it! =D

  17. Crystal said

    Nice blog.. awesome…

  18. Simon said

    uhmm i would like to have a good des­gin like ur wp
    mind to design another styles for me?
    mail to me for futher infor­ma­ton
    im malaysian too ~ perak

  19. nice designs

  20. ember said

    @Crsytal &, Thank you! =D

    @Simon, I’m cur­rently not accept­ing any free­lance work. Glad you asked though. =)

    • dsdsd said


  21. angelina said

    def­i­nitely a blog that i’d love to come back!

    • ember said

      Doors are always wide open for your return. =D

  22. abah said

    jago banget CSS Design lo Sheng

  23. mary said

    i truly like the design of your wonderful =)

  24. William said

    Hi, Ember, you really inspired me with your pho­tog­ra­phy (project 365). You made me wanna take pho­tos as sharp as you so badly. Hope i can learn from you.

    Just won­der­ing, is it pos­si­ble to take pho­tos like that with nor­mal dig­i­tal camera?

  25. Lily said

    wow… dude… your blog is really nice… gosh.. i really don’t know any­thing ’bout you.. even thought, we used to be class­mate… ahha­ha­ha­haha… by the way, have a nice day ya…

  26. Umang said

    Hi Ember, I dis­cov­ered your site from the Smash­ing­magazine arti­cle. I’ve been work­ing on my first photo/personal blog for a long­time now. I chose to hand code (as opposed to using a theme) because I wanted some­thing truly orig­i­nal. You have lit­er­ally raised the bar HIGHER than I any site I’ve seen both in terms of design and qual­ity of pho­to­graphic con­tent! Now you have to tell me…where do you even begin when putting together some­thing as ele­gant and visu­ally inter­est­ing as this? What’s your typ­i­cal work­flow? I remem­ber see­ing sketches…but do you com­pose it in Pho­to­shop first then slice and dice for CSS?

    • ember said

      Wow I’m def­i­nitely not all that. ;) But thanks, Umang.

      Yes I usu­ally do rough sketches of how the lay­out would look like. Then I’d work on the design in Pho­to­shop. Once I’ve more or less final­ized the Pho­to­shop mock-up, I would — yes — slice, dice and code them into CSS and inte­grate them onto a Word­Press theme.

  27. marcos said

    Hi Ember

    Great pho­tog­ra­phy, just won­dered what effect you were putting across your pho­tos each time, noticed they have a high con­trast look about them with per­haps more yel­low cast across them, great look, gives them very strong and vibrant look. Oh and nice web­site dude!


    • ember said

      I don’t exactly have a one-click effect that I apply on all my pho­tos. I usu­ally edit on a photo-by-photo basis — what’s best for each shot. I use Adobe Light­room for all post-processing. I would sug­gest you to exper­i­ment with dif­fer­ent tech­niques when work­ing with your pho­tos. Thanks, by the way! =)

  28. wawan said

    what a great design!
    no won­der it gets rated @ :D
    good job mate

  29. Cathy said

    Great web­site — try­ing to find inspi­ra­tion for my portfolio.

    FYI — This link isn’t loading:

    Expres­sions of Cre­ativ­ity at “”

    • ember said

      Thank you, Cathy. =D If you’re refer­ring to the link to ‘’, it shouldn’t be load­ing as its domain have expired. No wor­ries though, that is just the URL to my old blog which has since been doing a 301 redi­rect to this domain. It was work­ing for awhile — I guess my friend finally decided not to renew his domain after all these years. Thanks for the heads up though!

  30. Kathryn said

    Hi, your site looks really great! Hope you could share how I can cre­ate some­thing like this =)

  31. d!b@ said

    i‘m juz won­der­ing what is your email address..?hope we can i love photography..and i looked your pictures.…they are amzing..hope 2 learn from you.…..add me at my yahoo mes­sen­ger or e-mail me..



  32. simpul said

    Nice site you have here, sir. Book­marked and rated (by me, only for me) as one of the best Word­Press blog in Malaysia.

  33. css bomb said

    Please Add your site in our css gallery showcase.

    All is free!


  34. alan lai said

    i damn likey you style and your blog

  35. Hey, love the site!

  36. Chiaing said

    I really like project 365, great!

  37. Rilla said

    You have a typo in your footer! *irre­sistible* (one of my favourite words) :P

    • ember said

      Oh noes! Can’t believe it took 2 years for some­one to spot that! Thanks for the heads up, RIlla. By the way when is that redesign of yours going live? Been wait­ing ages for it! :D

  38. teacher-to-be said

    Hey.…blogwalking..and really nice blog it..

  39. Vin­cent said

    Hello! I was going through flickr to come up with ideas to start my own “Project 365.” When I saw your pho­tos, I was really inspired. Due to your pic­tures, I feel the ambi­tion to take pho­tos with a 50mm on my Canon 1000D. I just wanted to ask, what pro­gram (ie. Adobe Pho­to­shop) do you use to ren­der your pic­tures, and what set­tings? Thanks!

    • ember said

      Thank you, Vin­cent! I use Adobe Pho­to­shop Light­room to edit all my pho­tos. Highly rec­om­mend it!

  40. amber said

    any photo labs in kuch­ing that sell slide films and pro­vide cross-processing service?

    which lab would you rec­om­mend for one to develop their pho­tos around here?

  41. Renne said

    Well, this com­ment is not new but I have to be one more to say!…

    W-O-W!!!! Your blog design is incred­i­ble. I wish I was as tal­ented as you! I’m not sure if that inspires me to cre­ate a blog and turn me off since I have a long way to go when comes to design some­thing so nice!

    But it does not mat­ter! Your site is very nice anyway!!!

    Good luck with your Engi­neer­ing degree!!! IF you ded­i­cate the same time to your degree you will turn into one of the best engi­neers in the world!!!


  42. Lauren said

    I noticed you are using the same Canon I am cur­rently using, 1000D. I find your pho­tos so amaz­ing, it tells a lot of sto­ries.. I never even thought that you’re still quite young to be a very good pho­tog­ra­pher. Since you’re using 1000D, can you rec­om­mend me any good lenses you are already using for trav­el­ing & shoot­ing inte­rior details please? Thank you so much!

    • shenghan said

      Hello fel­low 1000D user! For trav­el­ling I gen­er­ally switch between my Sigma 30mm f1/.4 and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lenses. I’m also loan­ing a Tok­ina 11-16mm wide angle lens from a friend. I also have the kit lens that came with our cam­eras, but I don’t use it that often.

      Hope that helps! Thank you!

  43. Terence Tan said

    Just wanna say hi!~ As you can see from my email, yes I too asso­ciate myself with the drink. And yes, there was a brand called Car­na­tion. Came in tins with a red and white back­ground with the car­na­tion flower as its logo.

    Cheers! (on teh-C-peng)

  44. Great blog, love the but­tons! Actu­ally was drawn here as March 2011 was my Mom’s pass­ing; your trib­ute is beau­ti­fully writ­ten; great pic!

  45. cutchann said

    The blog is awe­some. I bet you too! ;)

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  47. Scott said

    I thought you would like to know you mis­spelled the word “Cheif”. Silly mis­takes are a pet peeve of mine and they can ruin your website’s cred­i­bil­ity. In the past I’ve used a tool like to keep mis­takes off my website.

    –Scott Matthews Sr

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