[Wallpaper] A380 vector

If you had read my pre­vi­ous posts, I said I was busy with exams and all. I don’t why but it is only dur­ing these times when you trea­sure the time you spend in front of your com­puter the most and to me, trea­sur­ing the time in front of the com­puter means more time on Pho­to­shop than MSN Mes­sen­ger. So in those 2-hour-a-day ses­sions within the week, I man­aged to com­plete a vec­tor of the Air­bus A380. Per­haps, you’ll think: ‘damn, that plane again?!’ It is true that this is the 3rd post men­tion­ing the A380 (1. the post on her maiden flight, 2. I used the a380 pic­ture for the CS2 review) but in case you havent knew, I love aircrafts.

Here’s the vec­tor of the A380.

Sad thing is, while hur­ry­ing to com­plete the wall I merged all the lay­ers of the vec­tor into a sin­gle layer to make copy­ing eas­ier. Now, you can always undo that step and you can get back the lay­ers, but before I could do that, I acci­den­tally saved the feck­ing PSD. Arrrgh.. Now I cant scale the A380 any­more, it’s stuck, ras­terised, for­ever! *sob* I slammed my hand on the table so hard that it still feels numb until now. Bah, stupidity..

Now to make the wall, I placed the vec­tor on a dark-blue back­ground, added some clouds, gauss­ian blurred them then some colour adjust­ments. I decided I’d go for a more min­i­mal­is­tic approach so, the final result:

lol, okay, no more bab­bling, can we say–

I dont know but i think there’s some wierd bug on dA because I cant see the devi­a­tion (the A380 wall) on my user­page. I checked the forums and it seems that I’m not the only one suf­fer­ing from this bug. Well, I hope it’ll be resolved soon.

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