Random little bites.


Results were finally out last Fri­day after a whole week of post­pone­ment. I was out with my fam­ily dur­ing the results release and had to check the results online via my dads phone. The slow EDGE con­nec­tion and tiny mobile screen were no help to the suspense.

I swear my heart was inches away from pump­ing itself out of my chest as I scrolled through the clut­tered Excel file on my dad’s mobile.

That said, I’m on my way to degree in August!

Which, though, puts me in another dilemma. For as of now, I have not a vague idea of which spe­cific dis­ci­pline of Engi­neer­ing I should take up as my degree.


I ini­tially entered the Swin­burne engi­neer­ing foun­da­tion course with a degree in Robot­ics and Mecha­tron­ics in sights. But over the course of the year (yes! it’s been a year) of study­ing in Swin­burne, I had come to con­clude that Robot­ics isn’t going to be easy and had sub­se­quently opened myself up to other choices.

Now I’m torn between Civil, Mechan­i­cal and Robot­ics. I’m not so keen on Elec­tri­cal and Elec­tron­ics, so I’m more than happy to drop it off my list of choices. Mechan­i­cal sounds bor­ing, Civil isn’t good in job prospects due to an appar­ent over-supply of Civil Engi­neers, and Robot­ics is well, tough and isn’t in sub­stan­tial demand locally.

The fact that I have a grand total of three days left to decide isn’t help­ing at all. Degree enroll­ments are next Monday!


Best. Super­hero. Movie. Ever.

Big deci­sions aside, I man­aged to con­vince my dad to bring us to watch The Dark Knight last Sat­ur­day. And god was it AWESOME. I know everyone’s been say­ing it! Yet after I watched it, I don’t see a rea­son not to!

The Dark Knight suc­ceeds as a dark, grip­ping thriller that didn’t fail to entice even though it was a wee bit draggy being 2 and a half hours long. See­ing as I was lit­er­ally on the edge of my seat all through­out the movie!

And I must applaud the stun­ning per­for­mance of the late Heath Ledger as The Joker, whose dark and mani­a­cal antics bound to send chills down your spine, if not leav­ing a last­ing, dark impres­sion of the movie. He’d mer­ci­lessly throw you on a wild ride as his evil schemes gets played along time after time, leav­ing you help­lessly won­der­ing just how the movie is going to lead.

If you haven’t watched it, you have my every endorse­ment to do so!

In the words of The Joker, and my favourite dark quote from the movie, “Why ..so.. seri­ous?

Wii­icked! =P

All About SUVs

I had actu­ally promised to show you guys my IT2 project enti­tled All About SUVs a while ago. I had to opti­mise the images, iron out bugs and have the whole code go through more QC before I could release it here. Thing is, I’ve com­pleted every­thing almost a month ago but totally for­got to post it up.

So with­out fur­ther ado, here it is!

WARNING: #1: Doesn’t work in Safari and Opera. Only enter if you’re using Inter­net Explorer 7+ or Mozilla Fire­fox 2+. Prefer­ably of course, viewed in Mozilla Fire­fox 3.

#2: Site may take awhile to load due to large images. (Speed opti­mi­sa­tion can only go so far..) For those of you on modems, enter at your own risk!

The Guide gets better!

On a related note, I’ve spent some time revamp­ing the most impor­tant page of tehCpeng.net — the About the drink page. I’ve noticed there’s an increas­ing num­ber of you who arrived on that page while search­ing for Kuching’s famous drink. So to live up to your expec­ta­tions, I’ve styled and souped up every­thing on that page. And of course.. to bet­ter live up to the tehCpeng.net domain. =)

Oh, and if you have friends who are clue­less as to what teh C peng exactly is, or if you just want to share and pro­mote the Kuch­ing teh-C peng love, I wouldn’t mind if you link them to this guide of mine!


A com­mu­nity ser­vice proudly brought to you by tehCpeng.net.

Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve been busy with these hol­i­days. I also have two Word­Press themes up my sleeve — one in the process of cod­ing and another still on the draw­ing board. The for­mer, a theme for my client’s blog and the lat­ter, a theme for Swinburne’s upcom­ing unof­fi­cial com­mu­nity blog.

Look out for it!

9 thoughts on “Random little bites.

  1. cdason

    civil is always on demand my fren… but be ready for the hot humid sun. mecha is not as bor­ing as you think, but it does come with night shifts if your work­ing. robot­ics?? well, its a clean job, but like you say.. its not really a local thing when it comes to job hunting.

    and about the bat?? well.. I was dis­ap­pointed with the bat, but the joker was played really nicely. I think, I loved the joker more in this Bat­man movie. Bat­man was kind off.. errr.… predictable..

  2. ember Post author

    @aronil, thank you! The All About SUVs site isn’t for a client though, it was part of my IT2 project in col­lege. =D

    @cdason, hrrm.. very enlight­en­ing tips! I might just rethink my out­look on Civil and Mechanical.

    What I’ve heard is that Civil is on high demand over­seas but not locally.. partly due to reces­sion. Makes sense when you con­sider that Civil Engi­neer­ing relies heav­ily on the economy.

    That was the point of the movie! The Joker being the plot twister while every­one else (includ­ing Bat­man) play­ing along. So yah, I agree when you say Bat­man was really predictable!

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