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Sheng Han · Soft­ware Engi­neer · Swin­burne
Uni­ver­sity of Tech­nol­ogy
Alumni · blog­ger · pho­tog­ra­pher · web designer wannabe · and need­less to say, an all-time devo­tee of teh-C peng.

I was born on 31st Decem­ber, 1989 (what?) in a mediocre tin-mining town of Taip­ing, Perak. I grew up mostly in the cosy city of Kuch­ing, Sarawak. Cur­rently though, I’m find­ing myself on the island of Penang, a new­comer to the job world, adult­hood and every­thing this new life brings.

Before you start ask­ing ques­tions, I’ll shoot the answers first. You bet, the peo­ple of Sarawak live on trees. In fact, I’m main­tain­ing this blog in a cosy tree house my great grand­fa­ther built for us. We have no elec­tric­ity and/or water sup­ply what­so­ever but that isn’t a prob­lem, for oil lamps and fresh river water are in abun­dance in where we live. Seri­ously, we don’t even have inter­net con­nec­tion over here. Don’t even ask me how I update my blog, it’s a sacred, reli­gious secret method we’ve sworn to our tribal lead­ers not to talk about. You didn’t see or hear anything.

I’d love to hear from you! This blog has seen bet­ter days, but you can still shoot me an email or con­tact me via the pro­files below.

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