If you’re not read­ing my blog you can also find me on Face­book and Friend­ster where I con­nect with dis­tant rel­a­tives and long-lost bud­dies. You could also view my pho­tos in Flickr, take a peek at my deviantART gallery, get a gist of my music taste on, stalk me via Twit­ter or Plurk, admire my hum­ble con­tri­bu­tions on Wikipedia, or get awe-struck of my What­pulse profile.

Oh, and if you’re look­ing for all the above links in one place, head on to my claimID profile.

There are a few more other social net­works I’m part of, in which I was forced to reg­is­ter due to over­whelm­ing streams of email invites but could care less to main­tain. Face­book and Friend­ster are the only two that I spend my (already) lim­ited time on. Feel free to add me. =)

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