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Yeap, you’re look­ing at a whole page ded­i­cated to copy­right issues here on my blog.

Call me stingy, self­ish or oth­er­wise but rights are rights.

There had been quite few times where pho­tos I took were copied, removed of it’s water­mark and re-posted on other blogs/forums/websites, with­out per­mis­sions and with­out proper credit. Now this just hon­estly down right pisses me off.

Imag­ine all that work I had to go through to take that pic­ture. I love pho­tog­ra­phy and unless you’re one who goes all out and actu­ally do go rather great lengths to cap­ture that per­fect image, you won’t under­stand how it feels when some­one just copied your work with­out per­mis­sion, rip off the water­marks, and repost your work on his/her/its blog/website with­out proper credit.

It’s called steal­ing! For cry­ing out loud. And it hurts when some­one steals your work.

All pho­tos you see in my blog are taken by me, and there­fore I am the sole owner and pho­tog­ra­pher of all the pho­tos on this blog that bear my blog’s address as it’s water­mark. This even applies to photo’s I’ve posted on places other than my blog.

In fact, all artwork/photos in my blog are released under:

Creative Commons License

This work is licenced under a
Cre­ative Com­mons Licence.
–which requires you to attribute (read: give credit) the author if you decide to copy/reuse my work.

My prac­tice.

On occa­sions where I have to use some­one else’s photo, I make sure that I find out it’s right­ful author and inform him or her of usage on my blog or rather, get per­mis­sion to repost another person’s work on my blog. After which, I make sure that I give proper credit to the said author by link­ing back or a men­tion of the author’s name or initial.

If you even half thought that all that is just plain trou­ble­some, by all means, take your own pic­tures! If you can’t be both­ered to take your own pic­tures, at least give proper credit to peo­ple who actu­ally do, when you decide to copy/repost their work.

Although I’m not really strict on the get per­mis­sion part, at least save your­self some work by just repost­ing my pho­tos as a whole, and by that I mean retain­ing it’s water­mark. Really, save your­self work to actu­ally crop, blur or cut out my water­marks. Yeah, some peo­ple actu­ally do go great lengths just to rid my pho­tos of my water­marks! The nerve.

Note that if you think my argue­ments in this page is some­how directed at you, I don’t have any per­sonal grudges against you. I did not under­stand all this copyright-credit-permission non­sense at first, but when I was the one tak­ing the pic­tures and my work got stolen, I finally realised the impor­tance of all these.

Seri­ously, name me an artist/author/photographer/painter/artiste who would allow any­one to sim­ply copy and repost their work with­out credit and stay happy at the same time.

If you’re hav­ing a hard time doing so, give up. And if you’re hop­ing I’m not one of them, give up again. Cos I’m not.

What should you do?

That said, please. If you really want to reuse (steal is a big word, but just so you get the pic­ture) my pho­tos, inform me, or at least give me credit by link­ing back to my blog or even just a men­tion of the author would be really nice.

Note that I’m not say­ing that you can’t use my pho­tos. You can, every sin­gle photo on my blog is re dis­trib­utable (the sen­tence does not ends here), pro­vided you give proper credit back to me.

And of course, despite my rather seri­ous tone through­out this page, I would like to thank you if you’re going to use my photo on your blog/website. For you to think that my photo is wor­thy to have a place in your posts is a great honor.

The only thing is ask in return is proper credit. Call me stingy or self­ish, but it means a lot to me.

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