Queen of the Skies

What?: Wall­pa­per of the Air­bus A380 vec­tor.
When?: May 2005.

Noth­ing Is Sound

What?: Wall­pa­per ver­sion of the 2005 Switch­foot album art, Noth­ing Is Sound.
When?: Sep­tem­ber 2005.
Nothing is Sound Wallpaper preview

Year of the Dog 2006

What?: For the fes­tive sea­son, in 3 colour vara­tions.
Which?: Orange | Green | Red
When?: Feb­ru­ary 2006.

Vec­tor­ized, Mas­ter Yoda is

What?: “Vec­torised and wall­pa­pered, I am” Mas­ter Yoda, Grand Mas­ter of the Jedi Order admits.
When?: June 2005.
Vectorised Master Yoda is Wallpaper preview

Absence of Motion

What?: In trib­ute to the vic­tims of the 26th Decem­ber Asian Tsunami. Potray­ing a calm day on the beach, in con­trast to the sad­den­ing events of that day.
Which?: Orig­i­nal | Flipped
When?: Decem­ber 2004.
Absence of Motion Wallpaper preview

Christ­mas 2004

What?: Snow, snow, snow, snow flakes, and uh, more snow.
When?: Decem­ber 2004.
Christmas 2004 Wallpaper preview

Strokes of Colours

What?: A male fire­fly looks at the bright butt of its female coun­ter­part and says, “Wow. You’re hot.“
When?: Jan­u­ary 2005.
Strokes of Colours Wallpaper preview


What?: Tell me, what do you get when you fuse lazy bums and Pho­to­shop?
Which?: Orig­i­nal | Grey
When?: Decem­ber 2004.
Simplicity Wallpaper preview

Blue Freak

What?: Freak­ishly blue.
Which?: Blue | Green | Red (by Jase)
When?: Novem­ber 2004.
Blue Freak Wallpaper preview

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