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No, I’ve never made a word­press theme from scratch. =P (Plan­ning to embark on one soon, though!) All that you see here are theme mod­i­fi­ca­tions I used to use on my blog.

It’s been a long time, things come and go, and a lot had been changed. Just so you won’t miss the effort I put into my blog I’ve dug up all the scree­nies and info of the themes I used to have on my blog since the old days. Slap ‘em all onto one page com­plete with descrip­tions. That way, you won’t miss a thing!

tehCpeng dot net | Ver­sion 1, 2008

Col­ors: Brown & Black
Orig­i­nal theme: tehCpeng / Hem­ing­way.

In 2008, I embarked on a theme designed from scratch. Cod­ing was done on the Hem­ing­way theme as a base. Read more about tehCpeng.net’s theme here

The Sac­ri­fice of Min­i­mal­ism | Ver­sion 7, 2007

Col­ors: Lime Green & Black
Orig­i­nal theme: Hem­ing­way.

I cus­tomized a ver­sion of the Hem­ing­way theme in late 2007 for a more min­i­mal approach. Colours used in this par­tic­u­lar mod­i­fi­ca­tion had influ­ences from Ver­sion 6’s Black and Lime Green.

Limey Con­trast | Ver­sion 6, 2007

Col­ors: Lime Green & Black
Orig­i­nal theme: Mal­low.

I went back to Ver­sion 4 (the Mal­low theme) after the Aero craze died down and stuck to it for a good 2 years. After a two-year hia­tus on all design­ing work, I went back to theme cus­tomiza­tion dur­ing the post NS and SPM days.

This one is a mod­i­fi­ca­tion of my pre­vi­ous lime-goodness inspired Mal­low theme, this time around, I went for dark back­grounds, allow­ing greater con­trast to fur­ther bring out the lime-green. =P

This par­tic­u­lar theme (or mod), being my favourite to date, got recog­ni­tion of the cre­ator of the Mal­low theme him­self, in this par­tic­u­lar post of his.

Aero Glass | Ver­sion 5, 2005

Col­ors: Blue, Black & White
Orig­i­nal theme: Kubrick.

If any of you may remem­ber, the year 2005 was the height of the Vista’s Aero craze. Screen­shots of the Aero inter­face of Win­dows Vista betas (then code­named Long­horn) was leaked to the masses and since then, the web design­ing com­mu­nity went into what many call the Aero Glass craze. Every­thing back then seemed to revolve around trans­par­ent glassy eye candy, from MSN Mes­sen­ger themes to visual styles and wallpapers.

I’ll just say that I love band­wag­ons. And this was only one of many that I jumped on. It was August in the same year.

To recre­ate the Aero effect, I went back to the Kubrick theme, fired up Pho­to­shop and moulded myself some lovely glass pan­els. =P

Lime Green Good­ness | Ver­sion 4, 2005

Col­ors: Lime Green, Grey, Black & White
Orig­i­nal theme: Mal­low.

In ver­sion 4, I had intro­duced the lime-green colour scheme you now see on my blog. And also, a spank­ing new header. Since then, my theme vari­a­tions had been based on noth­ing other than lime greeny good­ness. =D

Mal­low | Ver­sion 3, 2005

Col­ors: Navy Blue, Grey & White
Orig­i­nal theme: Kubrick.

It was March 2005. Got bored of Kubrick and switched to Mal­low. Until now, Mal­low is still one of my favourite themes. Because it was based on Kubrick, hack­ing it wasn’t that hard. In fact, I used Mal­low on my blog for the longest dura­tion. Mal­low was then mod­i­fied to bits to suit my old header image and colours.

Kubrick on Steroids | Ver­sion 2, 2004

Col­ors: Navy Blue, Grey & White.
Orig­i­nal theme: Kubrick.

The very first theme I used was the Kubrick theme, which was then, not the default Word­Press theme yet. Changed the header image and CSS colours. The header was based on my Foton VS Wall­pa­pers pack I made back in 2004 to com­ple­ment the Foton VS.

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